Zeliq Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Zeliq Pricing

Zeliq is an AI-powered tool designed to assist sales teams by providing them with data-driven insights, lead generation, and automation capabilities. It aims to streamline the sales process by offering features such as lead pre-analysis, contact information enrichment, and follow-up action recommendations. Below is a detailed overview of the pricing plans available for Zeliq, including the features each plan offers.

Free Plan

The Free Plan is available at no cost and includes a range of features to help businesses get started with lead generation and management:

  • Leads pre-analysis: Evaluate potential leads before initiating contact.
  • Search leads: Access a database of over 1.8 billion people to find leads.
  • Email enrichment: Enhance lead profiles with email information.
  • Phone number enrichment: One credit is provided for enriching leads with phone numbers.
  • LinkedIn Extension: Integrate with LinkedIn for lead generation and management.
  • Leads portfolio management: Organize and track leads effectively.
  • Leads personality analysis: One credit is provided to analyze the personality of leads.

Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is a step up from the Free Plan and is designed for users who require more advanced features. It is priced at €59 per user per month with monthly billing, or at a reduced rate of €47.2 per user per month with annual billing. A 14-day free trial is available without the need for a credit card. This plan includes:

  • Template builder: Create and customize outreach templates.
  • Multichannel outreach: Engage with leads across various communication channels.
  • Tasks Assignation: Assign tasks to team members for better collaboration.
  • Leads warming & Sequences: Develop a series of communications to warm up leads.
  • Basic Reporting: Access reports to analyze sales activities and performance.

Custom Plan

The Custom Plan is tailored for businesses that require a more personalized approach, starting from three licenses. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Zeliq's sales representatives for specific pricing details. This plan builds upon the Starter Plan and introduces several upcoming features, as well as unlimited access to certain existing features:

  • Leads autopilot generator (Soon): Automate lead generation processes.
  • Phone number enrichment (Unlimited): Enrich an unlimited number of leads with phone numbers.
  • Buying Intent (Soon): Identify leads with a higher likelihood of making a purchase.
  • Job Change Alerts / Job Posting (Soon): Receive notifications about leads' job changes or new job postings.
  • Zeliq Score Engine (Soon): Score leads to prioritize sales efforts.
  • CRM Enrichment (Soon): Enhance your CRM data with additional insights.
  • Data health center: Maintain the quality and accuracy of your sales data.
  • Gamification leaderboard (Soon): Encourage friendly competition among team members.
  • Teams management: Manage sales teams and track their performance.
  • Permission Profiles: Control access to different features based on user roles.
  • Custom fields (Soon): Add custom data fields to tailor the platform to your business needs.
  • Dedicated Customer Success: Receive personalized support to maximize the use of Zeliq.

Each plan is designed to cater to different business needs, from startups to large enterprises. The Free Plan offers a no-cost way to explore the capabilities of Zeliq, while the Starter Plan provides more advanced features for growing sales teams. The Custom Plan is intended for organizations seeking a comprehensive solution with personalized features and support.

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