Webtastic Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Webtastic Pricing

Webtastic is a tool designed to enhance lead generation efforts by analyzing purchase intent signals. It aims to assist businesses in identifying and engaging with key decision-makers across various companies. The tool offers a range of features to streamline the process of finding and converting potential leads, with a pricing structure intended to cater to organizations of different sizes. Let's dive into a detailed breakdown of the pricing plans offered by Webtastic, including a free trial option.

Free Trial

Webtastic provides a no-cost option that includes basic features suitable for individuals or businesses just starting with lead generation. The free trial plan offers:

  • 50 Credits: Limited number of credits to use the service.
  • Basic Targeting: Includes Web Signal and Social Signal Targeting.
  • Extensions: Access to Chrome and LinkedIn extensions for easier lead management.
  • CSV Export: Ability to export data into a CSV file for further analysis or record-keeping.

Starter Plan

For those requiring more robust capabilities, the Starter plan is priced at $47 per month with monthly billing, or a reduced rate of $37 per month if billed annually. This plan includes:

  • Unlimited Searches: No restrictions on the number of searches you can perform.
  • 2500 Credits / month: A substantial increase in credits from the free plan.
  • 15 Lead Lists: Organize and manage your leads effectively.
  • Enhanced Targeting: In addition to Web and Social Signal Targeting, this plan includes Job Posting Signal Targeting.
  • Extensions: Both Chrome and LinkedIn extensions are available.
  • CSV Export: The ability to export lists and data as CSV files.

Business Plan

The Business plan is designed for more established businesses that need a higher volume of credits and additional features. It is priced at $97 per month with monthly billing, or $79 per month with yearly billing. The Business plan offers:

  • Unlimited Searches: Search without any limitations.
  • 7500 Credits / month: More credits to accommodate increased lead generation activities.
  • 50 Lead Lists: An expanded number of lists for organizing leads.
  • Ad Signal Targeting: An additional targeting feature to identify leads through advertising signals.
  • Web, Social, and Job Posting Signal Targeting: Comprehensive targeting options.
  • Extensions: Chrome and LinkedIn extensions included.
  • CSV Export: Export capabilities for data management.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is tailored for large organizations requiring a custom solution. Pricing starts at $497 per month with monthly billing, or $397 per month with yearly billing. The Enterprise plan encompasses:

  • Unlimited Searches: Complete freedom to search for leads.
  • Custom Credit Amount: Credits are tailored to the specific needs of the enterprise.
  • Unlimited Lead Lists: No cap on the number of lead lists you can create.
  • Multi-user Access: Allows multiple team members to use the service.
  • API Access: Includes both company and employee lookup via API for integration with other systems.
  • All Previous Features: All the targeting and export features of the Business plan are included.

Annual Plan Benefits

Webtastic encourages users to opt for annual billing by offering two months free on all paid plans when billed annually. This can result in significant savings for businesses that plan to use the service over a longer period.


Webtastic's pricing structure is designed to be transparent and scalable, ensuring that businesses of any size can access the tools they need for effective lead generation. From the free trial plan for beginners to the customizable Enterprise solution, Webtastic offers a range of options to suit various lead generation requirements and budgets.

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