Super Send Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

Automate multi-channel cold outreach and sales engagement.

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Multi-channel campaigns (Email, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Email personalization with AI-generated copy

Inbox rotation for email deliverability

Super Send Pricing

Super Send is a comprehensive cold outreach tool designed to streamline the process of email marketing and sales engagement. It offers a range of features including Email Warmup, Email Validation, Inbox Rotation, Schedules, Custom Tracking Domains, and Blacklists, catering to the needs of various business sizes and types.

Super Send offers several pricing plans to accommodate the diverse requirements of its users:


  • Ideal for individuals or small startups beginning their outreach efforts.
  • Price: $30/month
  • Features include:
    • 1,000 messages sent per month
    • 2 Campaigns
    • 1 Team
    • 2 Email Senders
    • 1 Team Member
    • 1 Social Account
    • Google OAuth


  • Suitable for growing startups looking to expand their outreach.
  • Price: $50/month or $400/year
  • Features include:
    • 5,000 messages sent per month
    • 10 Campaigns
    • 2 Teams
    • 10 Email Senders
    • 5 Team Members


  • Designed for businesses scaling their operations and outreach.
  • Price: $75/month or $750/year
  • Features include:
    • 75,000 messages sent per month
    • 25 Campaigns
    • 5 Teams
    • 50 Email Senders
    • 10 Team Members


  • Aimed at large businesses with extensive outreach campaigns.
  • Price: $200/month or $1,500/year
  • Features include:
    • 150,000 messages per month
    • 100 Campaigns
    • 10 Teams
    • 100 Email Senders
    • 25 Team Members

Agency / Enterprise

  • Custom pricing for very large or specialized needs.
  • Features include:
    • Flexible Messages Per Month
    • Unlimited Campaigns
    • Unlimited Teams
    • Unlimited Email Senders
    • Unlimited Users

All plans include a suite of core features such as Unlimited Contacts, API Support, Email Warming, Email Validation, Live Chat Support, and Lead Enrichment.

Super Send also offers a 14-day free trial for new customers, which includes all the features available to paying customers.

In summary, Super Send provides a versatile set of tools for email outreach with a pricing structure that scales with the size and needs of your business. The 14-day free trial allows potential customers to experience the full range of services before committing to a paid plan.

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