PitchPower.ai Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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PitchPower.ai Pricing

PitchPower.ai is an AI-driven platform designed to assist business-to-business professionals in creating high-quality service proposals. It streamlines the proposal generation process, offering customization, collaboration, and export features. Below is a detailed overview of the pricing plans available on PitchPower.ai, which cater to different user needs, from freelancers to large enterprises.

Freelancer Plan

  • Monthly Fee: $19.99
  • Annual Fee: $216 (equivalent to $18/month)
  • Proposals: Allows for the creation of up to 20 proposals per month.
  • Lead Proposal Suggestions: Includes 20 suggestions for potential leads.
  • Query Messages: Users can send up to 100 query messages.
  • Team Members: The plan supports up to 2 team members.
  • Support: Provides email support to users.

Agency Plan

  • Monthly Fee: $79.99
  • Annual Fee: $768 (equivalent to $64/month)
  • Proposals: Users can generate up to 100 proposals per month.
  • Lead Proposal Suggestions: Comes with 100 lead proposal suggestions.
  • Query Messages: Includes 500 query messages for communication.
  • Team Members: Supports up to 10 team members for collaboration.
  • Support: Offers both Slack and email support channels.

Enterprise Plan

  • Monthly Fee: $499.99
  • Annual Fee: $4200 (equivalent to $350/month)
  • Proposals: Provides an unlimited number of proposals.
  • Lead Proposal Suggestions: Unlimited suggestions for lead generation.
  • Query Messages: Allows for an unlimited number of query messages.
  • Team Members: Accommodates up to 40 team members.
  • Support: Includes custom support tailored to the company's needs.

Additional Information

  • Free Trial: PitchPower.ai does not currently offer a free trial for any of its plans.
  • Collaboration: All plans include features that allow multiple team members to collaborate on proposals.
  • Export Options: Users can export their proposals in various formats, suitable for different business needs.

Each plan is designed to scale with the size of the business, from individual freelancers to large corporations, providing a range of features that facilitate the proposal creation process. Users should consider their volume of proposals and team collaboration needs when selecting a plan.

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