Krisp Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Krisp is an innovative AI-powered tool that aims to enhance the productivity of online meetings by providing advanced voice optimization and meeting assistant features. With its range of plans and pricing options, Krisp caters to individuals, professionals, small teams, enterprises, and call centers, offering a variety of features to suit different needs and budgets.

Free Plan

For individuals seeking to improve their online meeting experience, Krisp offers a free plan that provides a generous set of features at no cost. With the free plan, users can enjoy 60 minutes per day of noise, background voice, and echo cancellation, ensuring a clear and distraction-free audio experience. Additionally, users have access to unlimited transcriptions and can create up to 2 meeting notes per day. This plan is designed to offer a taste of Krisp's capabilities without any financial commitment.

Pro Plan

Professionals and small teams looking for more advanced features can opt for Krisp's Pro plan. Priced at $12 per seat per month (or $96 per seat per year), this plan builds upon the offerings of the free plan and provides additional benefits. Users on the Pro plan enjoy unlimited noise, background voice, and echo cancellation, ensuring crystal-clear audio quality throughout their online meetings. Moreover, they have the freedom to create unlimited meeting notes, facilitating efficient note-taking and collaboration. The Pro plan also includes HD noise cancellation, which further enhances the audio experience by reducing background noise to a minimum. For teams, the Pro plan offers centralized user management and centralized billing, simplifying administrative tasks and streamlining the payment process.

Enterprise Plan

For larger organizations and call centers with more extensive requirements, Krisp offers an Enterprise plan with customized pricing based on specific needs. This plan encompasses all the features of the Pro plan and introduces additional functionalities tailored to enterprise-level demands. In addition to unlimited noise, background voice, and echo cancellation, users on the Enterprise plan benefit from single sign-on (SSO) and system for cross-domain identity management (SCIM), ensuring secure and seamless access to the platform. The plan also includes an analytics dashboard, providing valuable insights into meeting performance and usage patterns. Premium support is available to Enterprise plan subscribers, ensuring prompt assistance and priority access to customer service. Furthermore, centralized settings management allows administrators to efficiently configure and manage the tool across the organization. Device-based authentication and custom MSA support further enhance security and integration capabilities. Lastly, the Enterprise plan offers assisted security reviews, ensuring compliance with industry standards and best practices.


Krisp's pricing structure offers a range of options to cater to different user needs and budgets. The free plan provides a valuable introduction to the tool's capabilities, allowing individuals to experience the benefits of AI-powered voice optimization and meeting assistance without any financial commitment. The Pro plan, priced at $12 per seat per month (or $96 per seat per year), offers enhanced features such as unlimited noise cancellation, HD audio quality, and centralized user management, making it an attractive choice for professionals and small teams. For larger organizations and call centers, the Enterprise plan provides a comprehensive set of features, including SSO, analytics dashboard, premium support, and assisted security reviews, ensuring a tailored and secure online meeting experience.

With its flexible pricing options and feature-rich plans, Krisp aims to empower individuals, professionals, and enterprises alike to conduct online meetings with improved audio quality and productivity.

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