Krisp Review 2024: What It Is, How to Use It & Is It Worth It?

Eliminate background noise in online communication.

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Krisp Description

Krisp is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance the quality of online communication by eliminating background noise. It acts as a smart layer between your device and any online communication platform, processing your voice on your device only, ensuring your privacy. In addition to noise cancellation, Krisp offers features like AI Voice Clarity and AI Meeting Assistant to improve the productivity of online meetings. It offers a limited free plan, with no credit card required for use. The tool also provides insights from your calls to help you improve your communication skills over time.

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Krisp Detailed Review

Krisp's main selling point is its AI-powered noise cancellation feature. It's designed to work with any online communication platform, acting as a smart layer that processes your voice on your device only. This means your voice never leaves your device, which is a big plus for privacy. The tool also provides insights from your calls, which can help you improve your communication skills over time.

Krisp's use cases are varied. It's suitable for contact centers, enterprises, and even developers with its SDK. Whether you're a professional working from home and needing to eliminate background noise, or a call center looking to improve call clarity, Krisp has you covered. It's also trusted by some of the world's largest global brands, which speaks volumes about its reliability and effectiveness.

As for the pros, Krisp's AI Voice Clarity and AI Meeting Assistant features are standout. The Voice Clarity feature ensures your voice is heard clearly in meetings, while the Meeting Assistant can help improve the productivity of your online meetings. The tool is also free to use, with no credit card required, which is always a bonus.

On the downside, while Krisp offers a free plan, this is limited. To take full advantage of this tool, you will need to sign up for their Pro plan. This is a subscription service priced at $12 per month, or $8 per month if billed annually.

In conclusion, Krisp seems like a solid tool for anyone needing to improve the clarity of their online communication. It's free to use, offers a range of helpful features, and prioritizes user privacy. However, more transparency around its platform integration would be appreciated.