Cresta Review 2024: What It Is, How to Use It & Is It Worth It?

Increase sales efficiency and effectiveness with Generative AI.

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Build and follow bespoke playbooks

Improve business outcomes

Narrow the gap between top and bottom performers

Cresta Description

Cresta for Sales is a tool that helps teams improve sales efficiency and effectiveness. It uses generative AI to build and follow proven playbooks, narrowing the gap between top and bottom performers.
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Cresta Detailed Review

Cresta for Sales helps sales teams improve their efficiency and effectiveness through its clever use of generative AI. It's like having a virtual coach that helps to narrow the gap between your top and bottom performers. The tool is designed to centralize and amplify the knowledge, insights, and coaching your contact center needs to reach peak performance.

Cresta offers a range of solutions for different use cases. For sales, it provides high-performing personalized coaching that is proven to grow revenue faster. For customer care, it offers real-time guided responses to help customer advocates deliver better customer experiences. It also provides post-call solutions to increase agent effectiveness through outcome-oriented coaching and business insights. The tool is versatile and can be used in various industries including automotive, retail, telecom, airlines, finance, insurance, and travel & hospitality.

Cresta for Sales also comes with an integrated suite of intelligent products. These include Agent Assist, which improves agent efficiency and effectiveness with real-time coaching; Director, which provides 100% visibility into team performance and accelerates coaching; Insights, which uncovers customer insights and trends from conversational data; and Virtual Agent, which discovers and automates your most common interactions.

On the downside, while Cresta is a powerful tool, it may be a bit overwhelming for beginners. The platform is packed with features and it might take some time to get used to it. Also, while the tool is designed to learn and improve over time, the initial setup and training can be time-consuming.

As for the pricing, Cresta keep the cards close to its vest and it's not easy to find out just how much the plans cost. It's safe to say this product is mostly suitable for larger teams or businesses with more complex needs.