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Zevi offers two main products: Neural Search and Chatscout. If you're considering using Zevi for your business needs, it's important to understand the pricing options available to you. Let's dive in and explore the different pricing plans available.

For the Neural Search product, Zevi offers two pricing plans: Business and Enterprise. The Business plan is priced at $0.75 per 1000 requests and 1000 records per month. This plan includes several features that can enhance your search capabilities. It offers NLP-based typo correction, advanced filter support, search analytics for up to 2 years, an ML ranking algorithm, merchandising control, and a suggestion module. These features can help you improve the accuracy and relevance of your search results, ultimately leading to higher sales and engagement. The Business plan also allows you to cancel anytime, giving you flexibility and control over your subscription.

If you're looking for more advanced features and dedicated support, Zevi offers an Enterprise plan. The pricing for this plan is custom, meaning you'll need to contact Zevi directly to get a quote. In addition to all the features included in the Business plan, the Enterprise plan offers image-based enrichment, a custom ranking module, and dedicated customer support. With image-based enrichment, you can enhance your search results by incorporating visual elements. The custom ranking module allows you to fine-tune the ranking algorithm to suit your specific needs. And with dedicated customer support, you can expect a higher level of assistance and guidance from the Zevi team. The Enterprise plan also includes service level agreements, ensuring that you receive the support and reliability you need for your business.

Moving on to the pricing details of Chatscout, Zevi's AI-driven shopping assistant. Similar to Neural Search, Chatscout offers two pricing plans: Business and Enterprise. The Business plan is priced at $1.00 per 100 user messages. This plan includes features such as contextual search and recommendation, domain knowledge, multi and mixed language conversational support, custom branding, and customer support integration. These features enable you to create better shopping experiences for your users by providing personalized recommendations and support in multiple languages. The Business plan offers flexibility and scalability, allowing you to pay based on the number of user messages.

For those who require more advanced capabilities, the Enterprise plan is available at a custom price. This plan includes all the features of the Business plan, along with additional benefits. With the Enterprise plan, you gain access to custom AI training, advanced analytics, image-based enrichment, and custom branding. Custom AI training allows you to fine-tune the AI models to better suit your specific business needs. Advanced analytics provide deeper insights into user behavior and preferences, helping you make data-driven decisions. Image-based enrichment enhances the shopping experience by incorporating visual elements. And with custom branding, you can maintain a consistent brand identity throughout the user journey.

It's worth noting that Zevi offers a free trial for their products. You can try Zevi for free for 14 days, giving you an opportunity to explore the features and benefits before committing to a paid plan. Additionally, Zevi provides a personalized onboarding call to help you get started and make the most out of their products.

In conclusion, Zevi offers competitive pricing plans for their Neural Search and Chatscout products. The Business plans provide a range of features to enhance your search capabilities and create better shopping experiences. The Enterprise plans offer more advanced features and dedicated support for those with specific requirements. With a free trial and personalized onboarding, Zevi allows you to test their products and ensure they meet your needs before making a commitment.

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