Tappy Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Tappy Pricing

Tappy is an AI-powered LinkedIn assistant designed to help users engage more effectively on the platform by providing the ability to add AI-generated, thoughtful comments to posts. This tool is particularly useful for individuals focused on sales prospecting and personal branding, as it can assist in maintaining an active and professional presence on LinkedIn.

Tappy offers a range of pricing plans to suit different user needs, from casual users who are interested in enhancing their LinkedIn interactions to more frequent users who require a higher volume of AI-generated comments for broader engagement.

Free Plan

The Free Plan is an entry-level option that costs nothing, making it accessible to anyone who wants to try out Tappy's features without any financial commitment. Users on this plan can generate up to 5 AI comments each day. This plan is ideal for users who have a light engagement schedule on LinkedIn or those who wish to test the capabilities of Tappy before deciding on a paid subscription.

Pro Plan

For users who find value in Tappy and wish to engage more extensively, the Pro Plan is available at a cost of $18 per month. Alternatively, users can opt for an annual subscription at $129, which offers a cost-saving compared to the monthly rate. Subscribers to the Pro Plan can generate up to 25 AI comments each day, which allows for more frequent interaction on LinkedIn. This plan may be well-suited for professionals who are actively building their network and personal brand on the platform.

Scale Plan

The Scale Plan is tailored for heavy users or businesses that require a high volume of AI-generated comments for multiple profiles or more aggressive sales prospecting strategies. Priced at $59 per month, or a reduced annual rate of $349, this plan allows for the generation of up to 100 AI comments each day. The increased comment limit accommodates a more robust engagement strategy on LinkedIn.


Tappy's pricing structure is designed to cater to a variety of users, from those just starting to explore AI-assisted networking to seasoned professionals or teams who need a more comprehensive tool for their LinkedIn activities. The Free Plan serves as a risk-free introduction to the service, while the Pro and Scale Plans offer more features and higher limits to accommodate growing engagement needs.

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