Tappy Review 2024: What It Is, How to Use It & Is It Worth It?

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Tappy Description

Tappy is an AI-powered Chrome extension designed to help users craft engaging comments on LinkedIn posts with just a single click. It's built to sound human-like, aiming to elevate your presence on the professional networking platform. Whether you're into sales prospecting, personal branding, or job hunting, Tappy offers a quick way to interact with content and users on LinkedIn. The tool analyzes the text of the post you want to comment on and generates a response that's meant to be thoughtful and relevant. The extension is particularly useful for those looking to market themselves or their services through strategic commenting. Created by a team with a background in product and engineering, including experience at NASA and other tech companies, Tappy is focused on providing quality interactions without compromising user data privacy. It only accesses data on LinkedIn.com and Tappy.ai URLs, and it doesn't store LinkedIn post content, adhering to LinkedIn's terms of service while also using end-to-end encryption for data security.

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Tappy Detailed Review

Diving into Tappy's features, you'll find that its primary function is to streamline the process of engaging with LinkedIn content. The AI analyzes the text of a post when prompted and crafts a comment that's designed to blend in seamlessly with human interactions. This can be a game-changer for users who want to maintain an active presence on LinkedIn but may not have the time or inspiration to come up with comments on the fly. It's a smart solution for salespeople looking to keep their prospects engaged, for professionals aiming to boost their personal brand visibility, and for job seekers wanting to stand out in a sea of candidates.

However, Tappy isn't without its limitations. The free version caps you at five comments per day, which might be a bit restrictive for power users. The rationale behind this is the cost of running an AI/ML product, which can be significant. For those who find Tappy indispensable, there are paid plans available that offer more AI comments per day. The process of upgrading or downgrading an account is handled through direct communication with the Tappy team, which adds a personal touch but may also slow down the process compared to automated systems.

Use cases for Tappy are quite varied. Sales teams can use it to stay top-of-mind with prospects by engaging with their posts. Content creators can leverage it to increase engagement on their posts, thereby growing their audience. Job seekers can use Tappy to add thoughtful comments to job postings and engage with hiring managers, potentially increasing their chances of being noticed. The AI's ability to generate human-sounding comments can make these interactions more meaningful and less robotic, which is crucial on a platform like LinkedIn.

On the privacy front, Tappy seems to take user data seriously. It only accesses the content of the posts you're commenting on and doesn't store any LinkedIn content post-interaction. This is a big plus for users concerned about data privacy. Moreover, the team behind Tappy has experience in building tech products, which may instill confidence in the tool's effectiveness and ongoing development.

The installation process is straightforward since Tappy is available as a Chrome extension. This means it's easy to integrate into your daily LinkedIn routine if you're already using Chrome as your browser. However, users of other browsers are currently out of luck, although there's mention of support for other platforms coming soon.

In terms of user experience, Tappy is designed to be simple and intuitive. The one-tap comment feature is a testament to its user-centric approach. The AI's comment quality is touted as 'phenomenal,' but as with any AI tool, the results can vary. While Tappy's comments are generally on point, there may be times when the generated comment doesn't quite hit the mark, requiring a bit of tweaking from the user.

Pricing for Tappy is straightforward: there's a free plan with the aforementioned limitations, and two different paid plans for those who need more from the tool. The Pro plan gets you 25 AI comments each day for $18 per month, while the Scale plan offers 100 AI comments per day for $59 per month. There is a discounted rate for users who sign up for yearly billing.

In conclusion, Tappy is a handy tool for anyone looking to enhance their LinkedIn interaction with minimal effort. Its AI-generated comments are designed to be indistinguishable from those written by humans, which can be a significant asset for busy professionals. The privacy measures and data handling policies are reassuring, but the tool's browser exclusivity may be a drawback for some. Overall, Tappy is worth considering if you're looking to boost your LinkedIn engagement in a time-efficient manner.