Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Scalable plans with security compliance Pricing is a generative AI tool designed to assist developers by automating the creation of unit tests for their code. This tool aims to streamline the testing phase of software development, allowing developers to concentrate more on feature development. provides different pricing plans to accommodate the varying needs of individual developers and organizations, including a free plan and a trial period for its paid tiers.

Free Plan

The Free Plan is an entry-level option that is available at no cost. It is designed for individuals or small teams who are looking to explore the capabilities of without financial commitment. The features included in the Free Plan are:

  • Unit Test Generation: Users can generate an unlimited number of unit tests.
  • Testability Feedback: The tool provides feedback on how testable the code is.
  • Code Observation: observes the code to provide insights.
  • Batch Made: This feature allows for batch operations in test generation.
  • Test Volume: Users can generate tests for up to 10 classes per month.
  • Customer Support: Support is available through a community forum.

Developer Plan

The Developer Plan is a step up from the Free Plan and is tailored for professional developers who require more from the tool. The pricing for the Developer Plan is $10 per user per month with monthly billing, or a reduced rate of $8 per user per month if billed annually. The Developer Plan includes:

  • Unit Test Generation: Like the Free Plan, this plan offers unlimited unit test generation.
  • Testability Feedback: Users receive feedback on the testability of their code.
  • Code Observation: The tool continues to provide code observation features.
  • Batch Made: Batch operations are available for test generation.
  • Test Volume: The plan allows for generating tests for up to 50 classes per month.
  • Customer Support: Enhanced support options include Slack, email, and phone assistance.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is designed for larger organizations that need advanced features and support. The cost of the Enterprise Plan is $25 per user per month with monthly billing, or a discounted rate of $20 per user per month with annual billing. The Enterprise Plan expands upon the Developer Plan with the following features:

  • Unit Test Generation: Unlimited unit test generation is available.
  • Testability Feedback: The tool provides testability feedback for the code.
  • Code Observation: Code observation features are included.
  • Batch Made: Users can perform batch test generations.
  • Test Volume: This plan supports generating tests for up to 100 classes per month.
  • Enterprise Governance: Additional governance features for enterprise use.
  • Code Obfuscation: The plan includes code obfuscation capabilities.
  • Team Collaboration: Tools and features to facilitate team collaboration are provided.
  • Customer Support: A dedicated account manager is assigned for personalized support.

Trial Period offers a trial period for both the Developer and Enterprise tiers. This allows potential users to evaluate the tool's features and determine if it aligns with their needs before making a financial commitment. To access the trial or for more information on the trial's duration and specific terms, interested parties are encouraged to contact the company directly via email.

In summary, provides a range of pricing plans to suit different user requirements, from individual developers to large enterprises. The Free Plan offers a cost-free way to utilize the tool's basic features, while the Developer and Enterprise plans provide more extensive features and support for a monthly or annual fee. Users can also take advantage of the trial period to assess the paid plans before subscribing.

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