Relay Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Relay Pricing

Relay is a workflow automation tool designed to enhance productivity by integrating AI assistance, human-in-the-loop collaboration, and a multiplayer experience into your work processes. The tool offers a range of pricing plans tailored to fit the needs of individuals and teams of various sizes.

The Free plan is available at no cost and is ideal for individuals starting out with basic automation needs. This plan includes 1 user per workspace, 1 playbook, and a limit of 150 runs and 150 automations per month. It's a great way to explore the capabilities of Relay without any financial commitment.

For small teams looking to implement multiple automated workflows, Relay offers the Startup plan at $11.25 per user per month with monthly billing or $9 per user per month with annual billing. This plan supports up to 10 users and provides unlimited playbooks, runs, and automations. It's a cost-effective solution for growing teams that require more extensive automation capabilities.

The Unlimited plan is recommended for larger teams or those running business-critical automations. Priced at a flat fee of $120 per month with monthly billing or $100 per month with annual billing, it includes unlimited users, playbooks, runs, and automations, along with priority support. This plan is designed to accommodate the complex needs of enterprise-level operations without the worry of exceeding usage limits.

Relay's pricing structure is simple and predictable, with flat pricing in every plan to ensure a consistent bill each month. The tool also offers a comparison with Zapier, highlighting its competitive pricing and generous task limits. Customers can choose the plan that best suits their needs and can change their plan at any time as their requirements evolve.

In terms of customer support, Relay prides itself on providing exceptional service with fast response times. For enterprise customers, accelerated development times for integration and feature requests are also available. The team can be reached via chat during working hours or by email at

For organizations seeking enterprise-level contracts, Relay is open to discussing custom agreements to meet specific needs. The Startup and Unlimited plans offer the flexibility to create and run as many playbooks and automations as necessary, with the assurance that rate limits are rarely encountered.

Lastly, Relay offers a 30 day free trial of its paid plans and allows users to cancel their subscription at any time, offering flexibility and control over the automation services they use.

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