PolitePost Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

Ensure your emails are suitable for the workplace.

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Creates friendlier and more concise emails

Improves email communication

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PolitePost Pricing

PolitePost is a web application that offers users the ability to transform a rough draft into a polite and appropriate email. Powered by generative AI technology from OpenAI, PolitePost aims to assist users in crafting well-mannered and considerate email communications.

One of the key aspects of PolitePost is its accessibility. The application is available for free, allowing users to utilize its rewriting capabilities without any financial burden. This approach ensures that individuals from various backgrounds can benefit from the tool's assistance in enhancing their email correspondence.

To maintain the availability of the free service and keep costs low, PolitePost has implemented certain limitations. Specifically, the tool restricts the length of email submissions to 2,000 characters. This limitation ensures that the service remains accessible to a wide range of users while also preventing abuse or excessive resource consumption.

While PolitePost is free to use, the creators of the tool encourage users to make small donations if they find the service valuable. These optional coffee donations contribute to covering the costs associated with running and maintaining the website. The generosity of those who choose to donate is greatly appreciated, as it allows the creators to continue providing the service without incurring excessive personal expenses.

It is important to note that PolitePost was not initially developed with the intention of generating profits. However, due to its unexpected popularity and associated costs, the creators have introduced the option for users to make donations. This approach ensures the sustainability of the tool and allows it to remain available to users who find it beneficial.

In summary, PolitePost offers a free web application that utilizes generative AI to assist users in rewriting their emails to be more polite and appropriate. The tool imposes a character limit of 2,000 to maintain accessibility and prevent abuse. While the service is free, users have the option to make small donations to support the costs of running the website. The creators express their gratitude to those who choose to contribute, as it enables them to continue providing the service to a wide audience.

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