Nostalgia Photo Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

Restore and improve old photos using AI.

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AI-enhanced resolution upsampling

Restore treasured photographs

Offers a new dimension of photo editing

Nostalgia Photo Pricing

Nostalgia Photo offers three pricing plans.

  • The first plan, called 'Experiment and sample', is priced at $3 and allows you to upload 10 photos at a rate of 30 cents per photo. You also get 3 free variations per photo upload and the credits do not expire.
  • The second plan, 'Refresh your feed', costs $5 and lets you upload 20 photos at 25 cents per photo, with the same benefits as the first plan.
  • The third plan, 'Build your family album', is priced at $9 and allows you to upload 100 photos at 9 cents per photo, again with the same benefits.

In all plans, a credit allows you to upload a photo and get 3 results.

Starting price


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