neural frames Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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neural frames Pricing

neural frames is an innovative AI animation generator leveraging the Stable Diffusion model to create custom animations from user prompts. It is designed for a variety of applications, including music videos and digital art. The platform offers a range of subscription plans tailored to different user needs, each with its own set of features and capabilities.

neural frames offers four distinct subscription plans, each escalating in features and access. Below is a detailed breakdown of each plan:

Neural Newbie (Free Plan)

  • Price: $0
  • Video Generation: 10 seconds
  • Standard Models: 1
  • Custom Models: Not available
  • Prompt Enhancer: 3x
  • Assets: Watermarked
  • Other Features: None specified

The Neural Newbie plan serves as an entry point for users to experience the platform without financial commitment. It includes basic features suitable for those who wish to test the AI's capabilities.

Neural Navigator

  • Price: $19/month
  • Video Generation: 12 minutes
  • Standard Models: 4
  • Custom Models: 3
  • Prompt Enhancer: 30x
  • Stem Extraction: Not available
  • Audioreactive Effects: Not available
  • Upscaling: 720p
  • Other Features: No watermarked assets

The Neural Navigator plan is a step up, offering more video generation time and access to additional standard and custom models. It is designed for users who need more than the basics but do not require the full suite of advanced features.

Neural Knight

  • Price: $39/month
  • Video Generation: 36 minutes
  • Standard Models: 6
  • Custom Models: 6
  • Prompt Enhancer: Unlimited
  • Stem Extraction: Available
  • Audioreactive Effects: Available
  • Upscaling: 1080p
  • Other Features: None specified

The Neural Knight plan is geared towards more serious users who require longer video generation times and advanced features such as stem extraction and audioreactive effects.

Neural Ninja

  • Price: $99/month
  • Video Generation: Unlimited
  • Standard Models: 9
  • Custom Models: 15
  • Prompt Enhancer: Unlimited
  • Stem Extraction: Available
  • Audioreactive Effects: Available
  • Upscaling: 4k
  • Other Features: None specified

The Neural Ninja plan is the most comprehensive, offering unlimited video generation and the highest number of standard and custom models. It is intended for professional users who need the highest quality and unlimited access to the platform's capabilities.

Additional Features Across All Plans

  • A100 GPUs: All plans include access to A100 GPUs, which are claimed to be up to 3x faster than those of competitors.
  • Real-Time Access: Users have real-time access to the generation process, allowing full control at any time.
  • Upscaler: The platform boasts what it calls the world's most beautiful upscaler at no extra charge.
  • Frame Rate: Animations are generated at 25 frames per second, which is 40% more fluid than competitors, according to neural frames.
  • AI Assistant: An AI assistant is available to help with writing prompts.
  • Storage: Users can store and load favorite prompts, with unlimited storage provided.
  • Camera Controls: Fine-grained camera controls are included.
  • Music: Users can add music to their videos.
  • Frame Interpolation: The amount of smoothness or 'trippyness' in frame interpolation is controllable by the user.
  • Input Options: Both image and video inputs are supported.
  • Cancellation Policy: Subscriptions can be canceled at any time.
  • Credit Rollover: Unused credits roll over to the next month.
  • Top-Up Option: If users run out of credits, they can top up for $11 to receive 4 minutes of video generation and 1 fine-tune.

Money Back Guarantee

neural frames offers a money-back guarantee for users who have rendered less than 20 seconds of video after subscribing and are not satisfied with the product. The refund is available with no questions asked.

The outlined subscription plans and features provide a comprehensive view of what neural frames offers to its users, catering to a range of needs from casual experimentation to professional-grade animation production.

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