Metastory Review 2024: What It Is, How to Use It & Is It Worth It?

Speed up and simplify requirement gathering.

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JIRA Integration

Metastory Description

Metastory is an AI-powered tool designed to make the process of gathering requirements for a product faster and smarter. It's designed with product owners in mind, providing a platform to outline requirements quickly, get related recommendations, and pin those precisely on the user interface. The tool also integrates with Jira, allowing users to import their Jira issues and kickstart their projects from a different perspective. In addition to its AI-based assistance, Metastory also offers UI-based documentation, bridging the gap between user interface and requirements. This feature aims to make the relationship between a feature and its related user interface clearer, facilitating a smoother transition between requirements and UI. Overall, Metastory is a tool that leverages AI to assist product owners in the often challenging and time-consuming task of requirement gathering.