Idea Engine Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Idea Engine Pricing

Idea Engine is a digital tool designed to assist entrepreneurial creators in generating content ideas by analyzing their past content and trends within their niche. It integrates with various social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, to streamline the content ideation process. Let's dive into a detailed overview of the pricing details of Idea Engine.

Free Trial Offer

Idea Engine offers a 7-day free trial that allows potential users to explore the full suite of tools available on the platform. This trial period is provided without the need for a credit card, which means that users can test the service without any financial commitment. During the trial, users have unrestricted access to all the features that Idea Engine offers, including AI-generated content ideas, articles, posts about their topic, and unlimited searches.

Creator Package

After the free trial, users who wish to continue benefiting from Idea Engine's capabilities can opt for the Creator Package. This package is available at an annual subscription rate of $49. This rate is a discounted offer from the standard annual price of $108, representing a significant saving for users who commit to a yearly plan.

The Creator Package includes:

  • Full Access to Idea Engine: Subscribers can utilize every tool and feature available on the platform without any limitations.
  • AI-generated Content Ideas: The platform provides suggestions for content based on the user's previous posts and the broader content landscape within their niche.
  • Articles and Posts About Your Topic: Users can access and generate articles and posts that are relevant to their chosen topics.
  • Unlimited Searches: There is no cap on the number of searches a user can perform, allowing for extensive research and content planning.


Idea Engine's pricing structure is straightforward, with a focus on providing value through a discounted annual Creator Package. The free trial period serves as an opportunity for creators to evaluate the tool's effectiveness in supporting their content creation process before making a financial commitment.

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