HiveSpark Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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HiveSpark Pricing

HiveSpark offers a range of pricing plans designed to cater to the varying needs of startup founders and teams. The platform provides a free trial plan, which is ideal for those exploring the platform and testing its basic capabilities. This plan includes 115 free credits, which are not renewable, and offers email support. However, it does not include some of the more advanced features such as broad startup task coverage, AI-driven content generation, in-depth research insights, time-saving automation, customizable templates, or live support.

For startup founders requiring a more comprehensive solution for ongoing tasks, HiveSpark offers a Pro plan at $39 per month. This plan includes 800 credits usage per month and covers a broad range of startup tasks. Subscribers to this plan benefit from AI-driven content generation, in-depth research insights, time-saving automation, and customizable templates. This plan is designed to help streamline business plans, competitor analyses, and funding strategies.

For startup founders and teams needing extensive support as they scale their operations, the Premium plan is available at $89 per month. This plan includes all the features of the Pro plan with an increased credit usage of 2000 credits per month. Additional features, which are yet to be determined, are also included in this plan. Subscribers to the Premium plan also enjoy both live support and email support, ensuring they have access to assistance whenever needed.

It's important to note that the current prices are introductory and may increase over time. However, HiveSpark guarantees that once you subscribe to a plan, your price will remain unchanged as long as you maintain your subscription. While there is no pay-as-you-go plan available at the moment, HiveSpark offers both monthly and annual subscription options. Monthly plans automatically renew and charge your account every month until you choose to cancel.

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