GPT Hotline Review 2024: What It Is, How to Use It & Is It Worth It?

Connect with AI on WhatsApp without downloading any apps or bookmarks.

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GPT Hotline Description

GPT Hotline is an AI-powered messaging assistant that lets users connect with an advanced AI on WhatsApp without downloading any apps or bookmarks. It allows users to easily message the AI, search and share past conversations, and use special commands to get images, videos, and news. GPT Hotline utilizes ChatGPT, the world's most advanced chatbot, on users' favorite messaging app.

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GPT Hotline Detailed Review

GPT Hotline is a nifty tool that brings the power of AI to your fingertips, right within your favorite messaging app, WhatsApp. It's like having a super-smart assistant who's always ready to chat, help you find past conversations, or even edit images on your command. The tool is built on ChatGPT, one of the most advanced chatbots out there, so you know you're getting a quality AI experience.

One of the standout features of GPT Hotline is its 'Power Commands'. These allow you to do things like resetting your conversation, getting AI-generated or real images, searching for videos, and staying up-to-date on the latest news. It's a pretty cool way to interact with AI, and the fact that it's all done within WhatsApp makes it super accessible and easy to use.

The tool also offers a speech-to-text functionality, which is currently only supported in English. This feature lets you send voice messages to the AI, which can be a quicker and more personal way to interact. Plus, you can set reminders for yourself, which is a handy feature for those of us who tend to be a bit forgetful.

On the downside, while the tool is powerful, it's not perfect. The AI can sometimes misunderstand commands or produce unexpected results. But that's to be expected with any AI tool, and the developers seem to be constantly working on improvements.

As for pricing, GPT Hotline operates on a subscription model and they make it straightforward. There is a single pro plan available for $9.99 per month, and it's worth noting that you can cancel anytime from your Subscription Portal if you're not happy with the service.