Fronty Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

Convert webpage designs into functional HTML and CSS code.

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Fronty Pricing

Fronty is an AI-driven tool that simplifies the process of converting webpage designs into functional HTML/CSS code. Users can upload a screenshot of their design, and Fronty will generate the corresponding code, which can then be edited through an online editor. Additionally, Fronty offers managed hosting services for the websites created using their platform.

Fronty offers a range of pricing plans to accommodate different user needs, from individuals and small teams to larger organizations. Below is a detailed breakdown of the plans available:

Freemium Plan - $0

The Freemium plan is designed for individuals or small teams with basic needs. It includes:

  • Users: Up to 3 users can collaborate using this plan.
  • Subdomain: Users receive a free subdomain to host their website.
  • Hosting: The plan provides 200Mb of hosting space.
  • Fronty Branding: Websites created under this plan will display the "Powered by Fronty" badge.
  • Pages: Users can create up to 5 pages for their website.

This plan is suitable for those who are just starting out or need to create a simple website without incurring any costs. It's important to note that the "Powered by Fronty" badge is mandatory on all websites created with the Freemium plan. To remove the badge, users must opt for one of the paid subscription plans.

Pro Plan - $4.52/monthly

The Pro plan is a step up, offering more features for professional users or small businesses. It includes:

  • Users: Up to 10 users can collaborate on projects.
  • Hosting: The plan comes with 1Gb of hosting space.
  • Custom Domain: Users can connect their own custom domain to their website.
  • Fronty Branding: There is no Fronty branding on websites created with the Pro plan.
  • Pages: There is no limit to the number of pages users can create.

This plan is ideal for users who need more space and the ability to use a custom domain, as well as those who prefer not to have Fronty branding on their website.

Advanced Plan - $9/monthly

The Advanced plan is tailored for larger teams or businesses that require more resources. It includes:

  • Users: Up to 25 users can work together using this plan.
  • Hosting: A significant increase in hosting space is provided, with 15Gb available.
  • Custom Domain: Like the Pro plan, users can use their own custom domain.
  • Fronty Branding: There is no Fronty branding on websites created under the Advanced plan.
  • Pages: Users can create an unlimited number of pages for their website.

This plan is best suited for businesses or teams that need more hosting space, expect higher traffic, or require a larger collaborative environment.

In summary, Fronty offers a range of plans from a no-cost Freemium option to more advanced subscription-based plans. The Freemium plan allows new users to explore the service with basic features and a few limitations, while the paid plans provide additional features, increased hosting space, and the option to remove Fronty branding for a more professional look.

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