Fireflies Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

Streamline tasks and organize meetings across teams.

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Automates tasks in sales, engineering, recruiting, marketing, and education

Creates a self-updating knowledge base from voice conversations

Allows custom privacy controls for meeting information

Fireflies Pricing

Fireflies is an AI-powered meeting notes tool that offers businesses a range of features to enhance their productivity and collaboration during meetings. In addition to transcribing and summarizing voice conversations, Fireflies provides search and analysis capabilities to help teams extract valuable insights from their meetings. Let's dive into the pricing details of Fireflies.

Free Plan

Fireflies offers a free plan that provides users with basic functionality and limited transcription credits. With the free plan, users can record meetings on platforms such as Zoom, GMeet, and MS Teams, and transcribe conversations in over 69 languages. The plan also includes automated meeting summaries, search functionality within meetings, and the ability to playback recordings at different speeds. Users on the free plan have access to 800 minutes of storage per seat and can clip out moments as soundbites. Additionally, Fireflies allows users to upload files, create three public channels, and automatically add domain capture for convenience.

Pro Plan

For users looking for more advanced features and increased storage capacity, Fireflies offers a Pro plan at $18 per seat per month when billed monthly, or $10 per seat per month when billed annually. The Pro plan includes unlimited transcription credits and provides users with 8,000 minutes of storage per seat. In addition to all the features available in the free plan, the Pro plan offers AI Super Summaries, which provide more comprehensive and insightful summaries of meetings. Users on the Pro plan can also download transcripts and recordings, apply smart search filters, track keywords and topics, and monitor meeting speaker talk-time. The Pro plan allows users to create unlimited public channels and customize their vocabulary. It also offers integrations with CRM systems, Zapier, and Slack, enabling seamless workflow integration.

Business Plan

Fireflies' Business plan is designed for larger teams and organizations that require advanced functionality and additional storage capacity. Priced at $29 per seat per month when billed monthly, or $19 per seat per month when billed annually, the Business plan includes unlimited transcription credits and unlimited storage. In addition to all the features available in the Pro plan, the Business plan offers video screen capture, conversation intelligence, and team insights for administrators. Users on the Business plan can create unlimited public and private channels, organize users into groups, and access the Fireflies API for custom integrations. The Business plan also includes priority support to ensure prompt assistance when needed.

Enterprise Plan

For organizations with specific requirements and larger-scale implementations, Fireflies offers an Enterprise plan with custom pricing available on an annual basis. The Enterprise plan includes all the features available in the Business plan, such as unlimited transcription credits and storage, video screen capture, and conversation intelligence. Additionally, the Enterprise plan provides access to custom speech models, allowing organizations to tailor the transcription and analysis capabilities to their specific needs. Other features of the Enterprise plan include custom data retention policies, an onboarding program, a dedicated account manager, single sign-on (SSO) integration, private storage options, and dedicated support. Payments for the Enterprise plan can be made by invoice for added convenience.

In summary, Fireflies offers a range of pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of businesses and teams. The free plan provides basic functionality and limited storage, while the Pro plan offers advanced features and increased storage capacity. The Business plan is designed for larger teams and includes additional functionality and unlimited storage. For organizations with specific requirements, the Enterprise plan offers custom pricing and a comprehensive set of features tailored to their needs.

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