Emberly Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Emberly Pricing

Emberly is an AI-powered application designed to enhance productivity by integrating the functionalities of mind-mapping and note-taking. It provides a platform for users to organize their thoughts, ideas, and information through a system of nodes that can contain notes, files, and bookmarks. Emberly offers different pricing plans to cater to various user needs, from casual use to more demanding knowledge management requirements.

Basic Plan - Free

The Basic Plan is available at no cost and is suitable for users who require essential features for casual use or those who are just starting with Emberly. The features included in this plan are:

  • Unlimited bookmarks: Save as many bookmarks as you need.
  • Unlimited notes: There's no limit to the number of notes you can create.
  • 70 topics per map: Organize your thoughts with up to 70 topics in each mind map.
  • 2 AI Quizzes per day: Test your knowledge with a couple of AI-generated quizzes daily.
  • Five maps: Create and maintain up to five different mind maps.
  • Community support: Access to the user community for help and support.

Plus Plan - $5/month or $48/year

The Plus Plan is designed for users who need more advanced features and greater capacity for their knowledge management tasks. This plan includes everything in the Basic Plan, with the following enhancements:

  • Unlimited topics: Add as many topics as you want to your mind maps.
  • 26 maps: More than five times the number of maps compared to the Basic Plan.
  • 10GB file uploads: A significant increase in file upload capacity.
  • 5 AI Quizzes per day: Double the number of daily AI quizzes.
  • Custom colors: Personalize your maps with custom color schemes.
  • Dark mode: Reduce eye strain and improve focus with a dark interface.
  • Full-Text search: Easily find the information you need with a comprehensive search feature.
  • No watermarks in embeds: Embed your maps elsewhere without Emberly branding.
  • Priority support: Get faster responses to your inquiries and issues.

Plus Ultra Plan - $10/month or $96/year

The Plus Ultra Plan is the top-tier offering, providing the most comprehensive set of features for power users and those who wish to fully leverage AI capabilities in their workflow. This plan includes everything in the Plus Plan, plus:

  • Unlimited maps: Create as many mind maps as you need without any restrictions.
  • 25GB file uploads: More than double the file upload capacity of the Plus Plan.
  • Unlimited AI Quizzes: Take as many AI-generated quizzes as you like, without any daily limits.
  • Emberly AI: Access to advanced AI features (details not specified in the context provided).
  • Our love for your extra support to Emberly: A note of appreciation for choosing the highest plan.

Universal Features

Regardless of the chosen plan, all users have access to a set of universal features that enhance the Emberly experience:

  • Privacy, guaranteed: Emberly commits to protecting user privacy.
  • Bi-directional linking: Create interconnected thoughts with two-way links.
  • Use on any platform: Access Emberly across different devices and platforms.
  • Chrome web-clipper: Easily save content from the web directly to Emberly.
  • Create public maps: Share your mind maps with others or make them publicly accessible.
  • Real-time collaboration: Work with others on the same map in real-time.
  • Bulk Export: Export your data in bulk for backup or to use in other applications.
  • Embed maps: Integrate your mind maps into websites or other platforms.

Money-Back Guarantee

Emberly offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all its plans. If a user is not satisfied with the service, they can request a full refund within 30 days of purchase by sending an email to the Emberly support team.

In summary, Emberly provides a range of pricing options to accommodate different user needs, from a free Basic Plan to the feature-rich Plus Ultra Plan. Each plan is designed to offer more features and capacity as the price increases, ensuring that users can select the level of service that best fits their requirements.

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