EchoFox Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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EchoFox Pricing

EchoFox is an AI-powered transcription service designed to integrate with WhatsApp, providing users with the convenience of converting voice messages into text. This service is particularly useful for those who receive lengthy voice messages and prefer reading to listening. EchoFox offers a free trial for new users to experience the service, after which a subscription is required to continue using the full range of features.

Free Trial

  • EchoFox provides a limited free trial for users to test the service.
  • The trial includes access to some features, allowing users to evaluate the tool's effectiveness.

Pricing Plans

EchoFox offers three distinct pricing plans tailored to meet the needs of different users, from individuals to professionals. Each plan includes a set of features that enhance the user experience and productivity.

Starter Plan - $27 per month

  • Unlimited voice messages: Users can forward as many voice messages as they need for transcription.
  • Unlimited summaries: Along with transcriptions, users receive concise summaries of their voice messages.
  • Transcribe audios up to 3 minutes long: Suitable for shorter voice messages.
  • 50 minutes credit included: Each month, users get 50 minutes of transcription credit.
  • Normal transcription queue: Access to the standard processing queue for transcriptions.
  • Transcribe audio files: Ability to transcribe audio files in addition to voice messages.

Grow Plan - $35 per month

  • Unlimited voice messages: No cap on the number of voice messages that can be transcribed.
  • Unlimited summaries: Summaries are provided for all transcribed voice messages.
  • Transcribe audios up to 5 minutes long: This plan caters to slightly longer messages.
  • 100 minutes credit included: Double the transcription credit of the Starter plan.
  • Priority transcription queue: Faster processing times for transcriptions.
  • Transcribe audio files: Includes the transcription of various audio file formats.
  • Transcribe videos: Expands the service to include video file transcription.

Pro Plan - $75 per month

  • Unlimited voice messages: Users can send an unlimited number of voice messages for transcription.
  • Unlimited summaries: Every transcribed message comes with a summary.
  • Transcribe audios up to 20 minutes long: Designed for extensive voice messages.
  • 200 minutes credit included: A substantial amount of transcription credit for heavy users.
  • Dedicated transcription queue: The fastest processing with a queue dedicated to Pro subscribers.
  • Transcribe audio files: Transcription of audio files is standard across all plans.
  • Transcribe videos: Video transcription is included, similar to the Grow plan.
  • Transcribe youtube links (coming soon): An upcoming feature that will allow users to transcribe content directly from YouTube links.

Each plan is designed to cater to different levels of usage, with the Starter plan being the most basic and the Pro plan offering the most comprehensive set of features, including a dedicated queue for faster processing and more transcription credits. Users can choose a plan based on their specific needs, such as the length and volume of voice messages they expect to transcribe each month.

In summary, EchoFox provides a flexible and convenient solution for WhatsApp users to transcribe voice messages. With a free trial available, users can experience the service before committing to a subscription. The tiered pricing structure ensures that there is a plan suitable for everyone, from casual users to professionals requiring more extensive services.

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