CXassist Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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CXassist Pricing

CXassist is an AI-powered email assistant designed to enhance the productivity of sales and support professionals. By training the AI with specific content, users can ensure that their communication with prospects and customers is both efficient and informed. CXassist offers a range of pricing plans tailored to different levels of email support needs, each with a set of features to accommodate businesses of various sizes.

Pricing Plans Overview

CXassist provides three distinct pricing plans, each with a set fee based on the volume of emails the AI handles monthly. All plans include a comprehensive set of features, with the main difference being the email volume capacity and the level of support provided.

Free Plan

The Free Plan serves as a "perpetual trial," allowing users to evaluate the capabilities of CXassist without any financial commitment. This plan is particularly suitable for individuals or businesses that are just starting to explore the potential of AI email assistance.

  • Cost: $0 (Free)
  • Email Volume: Up to 50 emails per month
  • Personas: Access to 3 different personas to tailor the AI's communication style
  • Custom Check Intervals: Users can set how frequently CXassist checks for new emails
  • Keyword-Based Ignore Lists: Ability to specify keywords that trigger the AI to ignore certain emails
  • Auto-Assign to a Human: Option to have the AI automatically assign emails to a human agent when necessary
  • Support: Basic support is included to assist with any issues or questions

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is designed for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs who require a more robust email handling capacity. It offers a significant increase in the number of emails managed by CXassist each month.

  • Cost: $15 per month
  • Email Volume: Up to 5,000 emails per month
  • Personas: Access to 3 different personas
  • Custom Check Intervals: Customizable email check frequency
  • Keyword-Based Ignore Lists: Users can create ignore lists based on specific keywords
  • Auto-Assign to a Human: Emails can be automatically forwarded to a human agent if needed
  • Support: Basic support is provided

Scale Plan

The Scale Plan caters to larger businesses with high-volume email traffic. It includes premium support and the option to handle additional emails beyond the plan's limit for a small fee.

  • Cost: $150 per month
  • Email Volume: Up to 50,000 emails per month
  • Personas: Access to 3 different personas
  • Custom Check Intervals: Users can set the frequency of email checks
  • Keyword-Based Ignore Lists: Keyword-based filtering is available
  • Auto-Assign to a Human: Automatic assignment to human agents is included
  • Support: Premium support for more complex needs and faster response times
  • Additional Emails: If the email volume exceeds 50,000, each additional email is charged at $0.01

Key Features Across All Plans

Regardless of the chosen plan, CXassist offers a consistent set of features to all users:

  • Personas: Users can choose from three distinct personas to match the AI's tone and style with their brand's voice.
  • Custom Check Intervals: The frequency at which CXassist checks for new emails can be tailored to the user's preference.
  • Keyword-Based Ignore Lists: This feature allows users to prevent the AI from responding to emails containing specific keywords, ensuring that only relevant correspondence is handled.
  • Auto-Assign to a Human: CXassist can recognize when an email may require human intervention and automatically forward it to the appropriate team member.
  • Support: All plans come with a level of customer support to help users navigate any challenges they may encounter with the service.


CXassist offers a range of pricing options to accommodate the varying needs of sales and support professionals. From the Free Plan, which allows users to test the service at no cost, to the Scale Plan, which supports high-volume email traffic, CXassist aims to provide a flexible and efficient AI email assistant solution. Each plan is designed with the same core features, ensuring that all users, regardless of their subscription level, have access to the essential tools needed to enhance their email communication processes.

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