ChatGPT Writer Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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ChatGPT Writer Pricing

ChatGPT Writer is an AI tool designed to assist users in various writing tasks such as composing emails, fixing grammar errors, rephrasing text, and summarizing content. It is available as a browser extension that can be used on any website. Let's dive into an overview of the pricing details for ChatGPT Writer, including the free and Pro versions.

Free Version

The free version of ChatGPT Writer is accessible to all users and can be downloaded as a browser extension without any cost. However, it requires users to have their own OpenAI ChatGPT API key to generate responses. This means that users need to obtain an API key from OpenAI and use it in conjunction with the ChatGPT Writer extension to utilize the tool's capabilities.

While the free version offers basic functionality, it is important to note that it relies on the user's ChatGPT account, which may have limitations in terms of response time and availability during peak usage periods. Additionally, users of the free version may encounter issues such as Cloudflare security checks or other errors that could impact the tool's performance.

Pro Version

For users seeking enhanced performance and additional features, ChatGPT Writer offers a Pro version. The Pro version is available for a monthly subscription fee of $14. By subscribing to the Pro version, users gain access to dedicated servers that replace the reliance on their ChatGPT account. This ensures faster response times and better quality results, even during high-demand periods.

One of the notable advantages of the Pro version is the utilization of the ChatGPT3.5 Turbo AI Model, which is known for its improved capabilities compared to the standard ChatGPT model. This upgrade in the underlying AI model allows users to benefit from more accurate and contextually aware responses, enhancing the overall writing experience.

In addition to the improved performance, Pro version subscribers also enjoy priority support via email. This means that any inquiries or issues encountered while using ChatGPT Writer will be addressed with higher priority, ensuring a smoother user experience.

Furthermore, the Pro version of ChatGPT Writer is available to users in all countries, making it accessible to a global audience. This ensures that individuals from various regions can take advantage of the tool's advanced features and benefits.

Looking ahead, ChatGPT Writer has exciting plans for future updates and enhancements. Some of the upcoming features include the ability to save email templates and the option to set email tones. These additions aim to further streamline the writing process and provide users with more customization options.


ChatGPT Writer offers both a free and Pro version to cater to the diverse needs of its users. The free version, although reliant on the user's ChatGPT account, provides basic functionality without any cost. On the other hand, the Pro version, available for a monthly subscription fee of $14, offers enhanced performance, priority support, and access to advanced AI models. Whether users opt for the free version or choose to upgrade to the Pro version, ChatGPT Writer provides a valuable AI tool for various writing tasks.

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