Casper AI Review 2024: What It Is, How to Use It & Is It Worth It?

Chrome extension to automate mundane tasks.

Casper AI logo

Ingests and analyzes data from various sources

Prioritizes top insights

Summarizes relevant news into a concise format

Casper AI Description

Casper is an AI-powered Chrome extension designed to streamline your workflow by automating mundane tasks. It uses large language models and software to ingest data from various sources, including public databases, internal databases, and recent news. The tool then analyzes this data, prioritizes top insights, and summarizes all relevant news into a concise format to share with relevant stakeholders. Primarily aimed at VC analysts, corporate strategists, policymakers, and business developers, Casper helps you stay informed about industry news, articulate perspectives, communicate effectively, and understand new policies and their impacts. It's like having a personal assistant that helps you focus on what truly matters in your work, saving you from the drudgery of tasks like copy-pasting data or proofreading emails multiple times.
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