YouTube Summarized Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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YouTube Summarized Pricing

YouTube Summarized offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different needs and usage levels. Whether you're an occasional user or a modern business looking to summarize content at scale, there's a plan for you. Let's take a closer look at the pricing details.

The first plan is the Essential plan, priced at $9. This plan is designed for occasional use and provides users with 10,000 Summary Credits. With these credits, you can summarize up to 30 hours of YouTube videos. Additionally, the Essential plan includes a browser extension, allowing for easy access and usage.

Moving up the ladder, we have the Plus plan, which costs $19. This plan offers a higher quota and a lower cost per summary compared to the Essential plan. With the Plus plan, users receive 45,000 Summary Credits, allowing them to summarize up to 150 hours of YouTube videos. Basic email support is also included in this plan, ensuring that users have assistance when needed. Similar to the Essential plan, the Plus plan also comes with a browser extension for convenient usage.

For those with more demanding requirements, YouTube Summarized offers the Professional plan, priced at $149. This plan is tailored for modern businesses and provides a substantial capacity for summarizing content. With the Professional plan, users receive a whopping 300,000 Summary Credits, enabling them to summarize up to 1000 hours of YouTube videos. In addition to the increased capacity, the Professional plan also includes priority email support, ensuring that businesses receive prompt assistance. Moreover, users on the Professional plan benefit from premium AI summaries, which can provide even more advanced and insightful summaries. Of course, the browser extension is also included in this plan.

It's worth noting that YouTube Summarized offers a 30-day money back guarantee, which means you can try out any of the plans risk-free. This allows you to assess whether the service meets your needs and expectations before committing to a subscription.

Furthermore, new users are also given some free credits to try out the service. This is a great opportunity to get a taste of YouTube Summarized without any financial commitment. It allows you to explore the features and benefits of the tool and decide if it's the right fit for you.

In summary, YouTube Summarized provides three pricing plans: Essential, Plus, and Professional. The Essential plan is suitable for occasional users, while the Plus plan offers a higher quota and lower cost per summary. The Professional plan is designed for modern businesses with demanding requirements. With a range of pricing options and the availability of a free trial, YouTube Summarized aims to cater to a diverse user base.

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