VideoDubber Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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VideoDubber Pricing

VideoDubber is a generative AI-powered tool designed to facilitate video translation and voice cloning for various types of video content. It offers a range of features that cater to the needs of content creators, including those involved in digital marketing, educational material production, and documentary filmmaking. Below is a detailed overview of the pricing plans available for VideoDubber, which are structured to accommodate different user requirements and budgets.

Starter Plan - Free

The Starter Plan is VideoDubber's entry-level option, available at no cost. It is designed for users who have basic video dubbing needs or who wish to test the service before committing to a paid plan. The key features of the Starter Plan include:

  • Video Minutes: Users are allocated 5 video minutes, which can be used for dubbing or translation tasks.
  • Subtitles Modification: This feature allows users to modify subtitles to ensure accuracy and relevance.
  • YouTube URL Support: Users can directly use YouTube URLs to import videos into the platform for dubbing or translation.
  • Free Subtitles Download: After modifying subtitles, users have the option to download them for free.

This plan is particularly suitable for individuals or small content creators who are just starting out or have minimal dubbing needs.

Pro Plan - $19/month (billed monthly) or $16/month (billed annually)

The Pro Plan is a step up from the Starter Plan and is aimed at professional content creators who require more advanced features and greater capacity. The Pro Plan includes:

  • Voice Cloning: This feature allows for the creation of a synthetic voice that can be used to dub videos, providing a more personalized touch.
  • Translated Text to Speech: Users get 360 minutes of translated text-to-speech service, enabling them to create dubbed content in different languages.
  • Dubbing Minutes: The plan offers 180 minutes of dubbing, which can be used to voice over videos with the chosen synthetic voice.
  • Option to Buy More Minutes: If users exceed the allocated minutes, they have the option to purchase additional minutes as needed.
  • No Video Length Limit: Unlike the Starter Plan, the Pro Plan does not impose a limit on the length of videos that can be dubbed.

The Pro Plan also includes all the features of the Starter Plan. It is best suited for professionals and organizations that have regular dubbing needs and require more flexibility in terms of video length and voice options.

Enterprise Plan - $300/month

The Enterprise Plan is the most comprehensive package offered by VideoDubber. It is tailored for large organizations or businesses that have extensive dubbing requirements. The Enterprise Plan includes:

  • Dubbing Minutes: Users are provided with a significant increase in dubbing minutes, totaling 1800 minutes per month.
  • Multiple Speakers: This feature allows for the inclusion of multiple synthetic voices within a single video, which is ideal for content that involves various characters or presenters.
  • Studio: The Studio feature is designed to provide a more advanced set of tools and options for professional-grade dubbing and voice cloning.

In addition to these exclusive features, the Enterprise Plan encompasses all the benefits of the Pro Plan. This plan is ideal for businesses that need a high volume of dubbing minutes and the flexibility to use multiple voices for their video content.


VideoDubber offers a range of pricing plans to suit the needs of different users, from individuals and small content creators to large enterprises. The free Starter Plan provides an opportunity to explore the basic features of the platform, while the Pro and Enterprise Plans offer more advanced capabilities and greater capacity for professional use. Users can choose a plan based on their specific requirements and budget, with the option to scale up as their needs grow.

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