Vectorizer.AI Review 2024: What It Is, How to Use It & Is It Worth It?

Convert JPG or PNG images into vector graphics.

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AI-powered conversion for accurate results

Full shape fitting for complex geometric shapes

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Vectorizer.AI Description

Vectorizer.AI is an online tool that converts JPG or PNG images into vector graphics. It uses AI and deep learning models to accurately capture details and make sensible guesses when the pixel data is ambiguous. The tool also offers various improvements to clean up and enhance the output, such as fitting whole geometric shapes, cleaning up corners, and curve fairing. With Vectorizer.AI, you can easily convert bitmap images into scalable vector images that can be used for printing, cutting, embroidering, and more. It's free to get started with the web app, and power users can make use of an API for a subscription fee.

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Vectorizer.AI Detailed Review

Vectorizer.AI stands out from its competitors because of its AI capabilities. The AI models have been developed in-house and trained on a proprietary dataset. This means that the AI is able to tease out details that traditional methods often miss and make intelligent guesses when faced with ambiguous pixel data. The results are impressive, and the AI has proven to be a game changer in the field of image vectorization.

But it's not just the AI that sets Vectorizer.AI apart. The tool also offers a range of other features that improve the quality of the output. It can fit whole geometric shapes, clean up corners, match tangents, and fair curves, among other things. These improvements are made possible by Vectorizer.AI's proprietary computational geometry framework, which allows for automated edits and localized optimizations that are not possible with conventional vector image representations.

One of the strengths of Vectorizer.AI is its flexibility when it comes to file formats. It supports SVG, PDF, EPS, DXF, and PNG as output formats, with SVG being the default. SVG is widely supported and offers the most flexibility. The tool also provides full-featured export options, allowing users to control how shapes are drawn, how they are grouped, and other format-specific options.

Vectorizer.AI is still actively developing its platform, with many exciting features in the pipeline. This means that users can expect regular updates and improvements to the tool. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making the vectorization process quick and hassle-free.

While Vectorizer.AI offers a powerful and efficient solution for image vectorization, it's worth noting that it won't be suitable for every use case. The tool is primarily designed for converting bitmap images into vector graphics for printing, cutting, embroidering, and similar applications. If you're looking for more advanced editing capabilities or need to work with complex vector graphics, you may need to consider other software options.

In terms of pricing, the Vectorizer.AI web app is completely free to use while the product is in beta. They intend to introduce subscription plans for advanced features in the future. If you're a tech-savvy user who wants access to the Vectorizer.AI API, you can already sign up for a subscription plan for this offering.

Overall, Vectorizer.AI is a reliable and efficient tool for converting JPG or PNG images into vector graphics. Its AI capabilities, combined with its range of features and flexible export options, make it a standout choice in the field of image vectorization. Whether you're a graphic designer, a crafter, or someone who simply wants to convert images into scalable vectors, Vectorizer.AI is definitely worth a try.