TTSLabs Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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TTSLabs Pricing

TTSLabs offers two pricing plans for Twitch streamers to enhance their streaming experience with customizable Text to Speech features, custom voices, and unique sound clips. Let's take a closer look at the pricing details of TTSLabs.

The first plan is the Free plan, which is available at no cost. With this plan, users get access to over 80 custom voices, unlimited classic voice alerts, and support for Tips, Bits, and more. Additionally, streamers can benefit from support for Channel point redemptions, advanced profanity filters, and 400 AI voice alerts per month. The Free plan also allows users to enable up to 10 voices and 25 sound clips. Moreover, customer support is available to assist users with any queries or issues they may encounter.

For those looking for more advanced features and unlimited access, TTSLabs offers the Pro plan at $25 per month. With the Pro plan, users enjoy all the features of the Free plan, including access to over 80 custom voices, unlimited classic voice alerts, support for Tips, Bits, and Channel point redemptions, and advanced profanity filters. However, the Pro plan offers unlimited AI voice alerts, enabling streamers to have as many voice alerts as they desire. Additionally, users can enable an unlimited number of voices and sound clips, allowing for greater customization options. The Pro plan also provides priority customer support, ensuring that users receive prompt assistance when needed. Furthermore, subscribers to the Pro plan gain early access to new voices, giving them the opportunity to explore and utilize the latest additions to the voice library. The Pro plan also offers priority processing, which can be beneficial for streamers who require quick and efficient voice alert generation. Lastly, the Pro plan includes extended alert support for Raid and Host, enhancing the overall streaming experience.

It's worth noting that TTSLabs offers a free plan, allowing users to experience the basic features and functionalities before deciding to upgrade to the Pro plan. This free trial period can be beneficial for streamers who want to test the capabilities of TTSLabs and determine if it aligns with their streaming needs.

In summary, TTSLabs provides two pricing plans for Twitch streamers. The Free plan offers a range of features, including access to custom voices, classic voice alerts, and AI voice alerts, while the Pro plan offers unlimited access to these features, along with additional benefits such as priority customer support and early access to new voices. Whether streamers choose the Free plan or opt for the Pro plan, TTSLabs aims to enhance the streaming experience by providing customizable Text to Speech features and a wide selection of voices and sound clips.

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