Tradytics Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Tradytics Pricing

Tradytics is a financial analytics platform that leverages artificial intelligence to provide retail traders with a variety of tools aimed at enhancing their trading strategies. These tools include trade ideas, options flow, flow analytics, scanners, technical analysis, and access to dark pool data. The platform is designed to cater to both individual traders and Discord server owners who require AI-driven insights and automation for their communities.

Tradytics offers two main pricing plans tailored to different types of users: Individuals and Discord Server Owners. Each plan comes with a set of features and tools suitable for the respective user groups. Below is a detailed breakdown of the pricing structure for each plan.


  • Monthly Subscription: $69 per user
  • Annual Subscription: $699 per user
  • Initial 15-Day Rate: $15 (standard pricing applies after the first 15 days)

Individual users who subscribe to Tradytics gain access to a suite of tools that includes:

  • Live Dashboards: Real-time data visualization and analytics.
  • Live Options Flow: Insights into options trading activity.
  • AI Trade Ideas: AI-generated trading suggestions.
  • Scalping Ideas: Short-term trading strategies.
  • Premium Scanners: Tools to scan the market for trading opportunities.
  • Crypto Trade Ideas: AI-driven ideas for cryptocurrency trading.
  • Algorithmic Analysis: Automated analysis of market trends.
  • Discord Premium: Access to premium features within the Tradytics Discord community.

Discord Server Owners

  • Monthly Subscription: $199 for an entire Discord server
  • Annual Subscription: $1499 for an entire Discord server
  • Initial 15-Day Rate: $15 (standard pricing applies after the first 15 days)

Discord server owners who opt for this plan can provide their community with features such as:

  • Querying Bots: Bots that can fetch and display trading data on command.
  • Auto-posting Bots: Bots that automatically post trading insights and updates.
  • AI Trade Ideas: AI-generated trading suggestions.
  • Options Flow: Insights into options trading activity.
  • Scalping Ideas: Short-term trading strategies.
  • Block Trades: Information on large trading blocks that could impact the market.
  • Insider Trading: Data on trading activities by company insiders.
  • And More: Additional tools and features not explicitly listed.

Trial and Refund Policy

Tradytics does not offer a traditional free trial. Instead, they provide a discounted rate for the first 15 days of subscription for both pricing plans. After the initial 15-day period, the standard pricing applies. It is important for users to note that Tradytics does not have a refund policy once a subscription or trial payment has been charged. Users are advised to be mindful of their subscription payment dates and cancel in time if they do not wish to continue using the service. Cancellation can be done at any time by visiting the user's profile on the Tradytics platform.

In summary, Tradytics offers specialized AI-powered tools for traders with pricing plans that cater to individual users and Discord server owners. The platform emphasizes the importance of understanding the subscription terms, especially the lack of a refund policy and the need for timely cancellation if users decide not to continue with the service.

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