Super Prompts Review 2024: What It Is, How to Use It & Is It Worth It?

Create, generate, and save AI art directly from Twitter.

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Publish AI art on Super Prompts directly from Twitter

Generate AI art by tweeting /generate @SuperPrompts followed by your prompt

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Super Prompts Description

Super Prompts is a tool that allows you to create a beautiful gallery of your AI art directly from Twitter. With Super Prompts, you can easily publish, generate, and save AI art without leaving the messaging platform. By signing up and connecting your Twitter account, you can publish your AI art on Super Prompts by replying to your tweet and tagging @SuperPrompts with the command /publish. Additionally, you can generate AI art by tweeting /generate @SuperPrompts followed by your prompt. To save art from Twitter to Super Prompts, simply reply to the tweet, tag @SuperPrompts, and write /curate. Super Prompts automatically shares the work on their platform and adds it to your saved collection. Super Prompts is a great option if you wants to showcase your AI art and have a single place to point people to when they ask to see all your creations.
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Super Prompts Detailed Review

One of the main use cases for Super Prompts is to make it easy for your supporters to see all your work in one place. Instead of sending them to your Twitter "Media" tab or to Linktree, you can direct them to your Super Prompts gallery. This saves them the hassle of checking multiple NFT platforms to see all your art. It's a convenient way to centralize your AI art and make it easily accessible for your audience.

Another use case for Super Prompts is for curating works that you find on Twitter. If you come across AI art that you love, you can save it to your Super Prompts collection by replying to the tweet, tagging @SuperPrompts, and using the command /curate. This allows you to easily revisit your favorite pieces and gives credit to the original artist by including links to their tweet.

Super Prompts has several advantages. First, it integrates seamlessly with Twitter, making it effortless to publish, generate, and save AI art without having to navigate to a separate platform. The simple commands and tagging system make the process quick and user-friendly. Additionally, Super Prompts provides a centralized gallery for all your AI art, eliminating the need to direct people to multiple platforms. It's a convenient way to showcase your work and make it easily accessible for your audience.

As for pricing, Super Prompts is completely free to use. This is great news for users who want to try out this innovative way to showcase their art. Those who want to go one step further and sell their prompts can do so through the platform, in which case the seller is charged a 10% fee.

In summary, Super Prompts is a valuable tool for AI artists who want to showcase their work and have a centralized gallery for their creations. It offers seamless integration with Twitter, making it easy to publish, generate, and save AI art directly from the platform. With its user-friendly commands and tagging system, Super Prompts provides a convenient way to curate and share AI art. While the ability to sell prompts is an interesting add-on, the free version alone provides a great platform for artists to showcase their work. Whether you're a seasoned AI artist or just starting out, Super Prompts is definitely worth considering.