Steno Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Steno Pricing

Steno offers two different pricing plans to cater to various needs. Let's take a closer look at the available options.

The Starter plan is perfect for individuals or small teams who want to explore the features of Steno. It costs $9 for the first month and then $39 per month thereafter. With this plan, you can go beyond limits and access all of Steno's features. You'll be able to request content insights, which can provide valuable information about your transcripts. Additionally, you can request insights from StenoAI chat, a feature that allows you to interact with Steno and get useful suggestions. Moreover, you'll have access to over 1,000,000 transcripts, which can be a valuable resource for research or reference purposes. The Starter plan also allows you to highlight and bookmark transcripts, making it easier to find and revisit important sections. Lastly, you'll receive access to new features as they are released, ensuring that you stay up to date with the latest advancements.

If you have a larger team or require a more customized solution, the Business plan might be the right choice for you. The pricing for this plan is not specified, as it is tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. In addition to all the features available in the Starter plan, the Business plan offers even more. You can expect to receive additional benefits and functionalities that are designed to enhance your workflow and productivity. To get more information about the Business plan and its pricing, you can contact the Steno team directly. They will work with you to create a plan that aligns with your business requirements.

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