Stable Diffusion Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Stable Diffusion Pricing

Stable Diffusion offers a range of pricing options to suit different needs and budgets. Since the code is open-source and freely available for developers, tech-savvy users can run it on their own hardware. Those who prefer a hosted service, can make use of the official Stable Diffusion interface at Clipdrop.

Here's a brief overview of the Clipdrop Stable Diffusion XL pricing details:

  • Free Plan: Stable Diffusion provides a free plan that allows users to access a limited set of features. With this plan, users can enjoy the following tools for free: Watermarked Diffusion XL, Uncrop, Background Removal, Image Upscaler x2, Stable Doodle, Cleanup, Relight, Sky Replacer, Text Remover, and Reimagine XL. The free plan is available both on the web and in iOS and Android apps.
  • Pro Plan: For users who require more advanced features and higher usage limits, Stable Diffusion offers a Pro plan priced at €13 per month. With the Pro plan, users can enjoy the following benefits:
    • Skip Queue: Users can skip the queue and get faster processing times for Diffusion XL and Uncrop tools.
    • High Resolution: Users can access high-resolution versions of Background Removal, Image Upscaler x16, Stable Doodle, Cleanup, Relight, Sky Replacer, Text Remover, Reimagine XL, and Replace Background tools.
    • Increased Usage Limits: Users can perform up to 1500 requests per 24 hours for Diffusion XL and up to 1000 requests per 24 hours for other tools.
  • API: In addition to the Pro plan, Stable Diffusion also offers an API option with a usage-based cost. This allows developers and businesses to integrate Stable Diffusion's AI tools into their own applications and pay based on their usage.

It's worth noting that Stable Diffusion provides a free trial for all users, allowing them to test out the Pro plan features and experience the benefits before committing to a subscription. This gives users the opportunity to explore the full potential of Stable Diffusion's AI tools and decide if the Pro plan is the right fit for their needs.

Overall, Stable Diffusion offers a flexible pricing structure with a free plan, a Pro plan with advanced features and increased usage limits, and an API option for developers and businesses.

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