Rezi Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Rezi offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to fit the needs of job seekers at different stages of their career journey. The platform provides a free option for those who want to test the waters and get a feel for how the resume builder works without any financial commitment. This free plan allows users to create a resume and export it, but with limited access to some of the advanced features and without the need for a credit card. For users looking to unlock all of Rezi's capabilities, there is a one-time payment option known as Rezi Lifetime, priced at $129. This plan grants access to all features, including PDF, DOCX, and Drive exporting, and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that users can invest with confidence. However, it's important to note that Rezi Lifetime does not include free monthly reviews or unlimited AI credits, which are part of the Rezi Pro plan.

For those who require ongoing support and additional services, Rezi Pro might be the better option. Priced at $29 per month, this plan includes unlimited AI credits, which are essential for generating bullet points with the help of OpenAI's GPT technology. Users on the Basic and Free plans can purchase additional AI credits as needed. The Rezi Pro plan is subscription-based, offering comprehensive support and features over time.

In terms of refunds, Rezi offers a 24-hour window for refund requests on transactions for the current month, with the caveat that the request may be declined if the software has been used within that time. The Rezi Lifetime plan, however, is not refundable. This policy ensures that users have a brief period to reconsider their purchase, but also commits them to their choice if they begin to use the service. Overall, Rezi's pricing structure is designed to accommodate a range of needs, from casual users to serious job seekers looking for a comprehensive tool to aid in their job search.

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