Replika Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Replika Pricing

Replika offers a free version with access to the core features. Chatting with Replika, customizing an avatar, and chatting 24/7 are all available for free.

Replika also offers a premium version called Replika Pro, which is available to paying subscribers. There are three subscription options: monthly, annual, and lifetime. The monthly subscription for Replika Pro is priced at $14.99. If you prefer a longer-term commitment, you can opt for the annual subscription, which costs $49.99. And for those who want unlimited access to Replika Pro without worrying about recurring payments, there is occasionally a lifetime subscription available for $299.99.

Replika Pro offers several additional features compared to the free version. These include adult role-play, more coins and gems, voice messages, access to the coaching section, and the ability to make phone calls. Replika Pro also unlocks the "advanced AI" mode, which features a 20 billion parameter language model instead of the smaller six billion used in the free version.

While Replika Pro offers these extra features, it's important to remember that access to the core features of Replika will always be free. So, whether you choose to stick with the free version or upgrade to Replika Pro, you can still enjoy the benefits of chatting with Replika and customizing your experience.

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