Piktochart Review 2024: What It Is, How to Use It & Is It Worth It?

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Piktochart Description

Piktochart is a web-based graphic design tool that simplifies the creation of visuals like infographics, presentations, posters, and reports. It's designed for individuals and teams who need to convey complex information in a visually appealing way, without requiring advanced design skills. With a drag-and-drop interface and a vast library of templates, Piktochart makes it easy for non-designers to produce professional-looking graphics. It's a versatile tool that caters to a wide range of users, from marketers and educators to HR professionals and healthcare providers, enabling them to craft compelling stories through visuals.

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Piktochart Detailed Review

Piktochart stands out as a user-friendly platform for creating a variety of visual content. Its intuitive design and ease of use make it accessible to users with little to no graphic design experience. The tool offers a plethora of templates for infographics, presentations, posters, and more, which can be customized to suit specific needs. Users can easily drag and drop elements, add text, and import images, making the design process smooth and straightforward.

One of Piktochart's strengths is its versatility. It's used across different industries for various purposes, such as internal communication, PR materials, eLearning, and social media marketing. For instance, HR professionals can create engaging onboarding materials, while marketers can visualize data to explain product benefits. The tool also supports collaboration, allowing teams to work together on projects and provide feedback in real-time.

However, Piktochart is not without its limitations. While it offers a range of features, some users may find the free version restrictive due to limited storage and downloads. Additionally, those with advanced design skills might seek more customization options than what Piktochart provides. The platform's simplicity, while a boon for beginners, may not satisfy the needs of seasoned designers looking for granular control over their visuals.

Pricing is a crucial consideration for potential users. Piktochart offers a free plan, which is great for trying out the tool, but it comes with limitations. The Pro plan, suitable for professionals and small teams, provides more storage, unlimited visuals, and additional features like brand customization. For larger teams and enterprises, there are Business and Enterprise plans with advanced controls and support. Educational and nonprofit discounts are available, making Piktochart an affordable option for those sectors.

In terms of competition, Piktochart holds its own against alternatives like Canva and Venngage. Users like Theodore Paat, an instructional designer, appreciate the balance between features and cost, finding Piktochart to provide more value for money. Similarly, Deborah Tan-Pink from Revolut praises the tool's design quality, which keeps her loyal to the platform despite trying other renowned options.

Piktochart's AI capabilities are a recent addition, enhancing the tool's functionality. Users can now leverage AI to generate infographics, which can be a time-saver for those who need to produce content quickly. The AI feature is available on all plans, with a varying number of generations per month depending on the subscription level.

The platform's educational impact is noteworthy. Teachers like Jamie Barkin use Piktochart to engage students and make learning more interactive. The tool's ability to simplify complex concepts visually helps maintain students' attention and enhances their understanding. Piktochart's role in eLearning is significant, as it allows educators to create professional materials without the need for specialized design software.

Piktochart's customer support and resources are also worth mentioning. The platform offers tutorials, a knowledge base, and customer service to assist users. For those on Enterprise plans, personalized onboarding and a dedicated account manager ensure a smooth experience.

In conclusion, Piktochart is a robust tool for creating visual content that is both easy to use and versatile. It's suitable for a wide audience, from beginners to professionals, and offers plans to fit various budgets. While it may not satisfy every design need, especially for advanced users, its simplicity, affordability, and effectiveness in visual storytelling make it a popular choice for many.