Pickaxe Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

Create, clone, and edit unique prompts for user engagement.

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Limitless creation, cloning, and editing of Pickaxes

Embedding Pickaxes anywhere

Access to GPT-4 and document interrogation

Pickaxe Pricing

Pickaxe offers three pricing plans to cater to different user needs. Here's a brief overview of the pricing details:

  • Free plan ($0 per month): Includes the ability to create, edit, and share unlimited Pickaxes. Users can view audience responses to their prompts and Pickaxes can be embedded anywhere for easy access.
  • Gold plan ($20 per month): Includes all the features of the free plan and offers additional benefits such as 1,000 credits per month, GPT-4 access, white-label embeds, branded chat icons, and the option to use an API Key with unlimited usage.
  • Enterprise plan (pricing on request): Includes all the features of the gold plan and provides even more benefits, including 10,000 credits per month, a private server, the ability to use prompts in spreadsheets, API usage rollover, and prompt design support.

Additionally, Pickaxe offers the option to purchase additional monthly credits for $5 (for +100 credits) or $10 (for +250 credits). Each credit represents one prompt run, whether it's through manual submission or embedded tool usage on a website.

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