Personal AI Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Personal AI Pricing

Personal AI offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different needs and budgets. Here's a breakdown of the available plans and their features:

Free ($0):

  • Includes core capabilities of the Personal AI Platform.
  • Offers 100 total memories and one AI persona.
  • Allows unlimited My AI conversations and access to AI friends.
  • Provides the ability to upload files (5k words/file) and links.

Starter ($15 per month):

  • Includes everything in the Free plan, plus additional features.
  • Offers 10,000 total memories and two AI personas.
  • Allows the use of My AI in chats and lounges in Copilot or Autopilot mode.
  • Provides premium AI friends and the ability to upload larger files (20k words/file).

Premium ($40 per month):

  • Includes everything in the Starter plan, with further enhancements.
  • Offers unlimited memories and AI personas.
  • Provides API access and the ability to sync memories from Google Drive & Zapier.
  • Allows larger file uploads (50k words/file).

Elevate ($3500+ per month):

  • Includes everything in the Premium plan, with additional exclusive features.
  • Offers a dedicated server and custom training by the Personal AI team.
  • Provides an AI training specialist concierge and support account manager.
  • Offers co-marketing campaigns, custom feature requests, and prioritization.

Starting price


  • Free plan
  • Paid
  • Free trial