Otio Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Otio is an AI-powered tool designed to assist users in collecting and summarizing information from various sources such as papers, articles, and videos. It also aids in the drafting process by providing AI-generated text based on user input. Otio offers different pricing plans to cater to the needs of individual users and teams. Below is a detailed overview of the available plans and what each includes.

Otio provides three main pricing plans: Basic, Unlimited, and Teams. Each plan is tailored to fit different user requirements, from casual users just starting out to large teams needing collaborative features.

Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is Otio's entry-level option and is free of charge. It is designed for users who are new to Otio or those who wish to test the platform's capabilities before committing to a paid subscription. The Basic Plan includes:

  • Daily Credits: Users are allocated 5 credits per day.
  • Credit Usage: Each of the following actions costs 1 credit:
    • Saving a link
    • Asking a question in chat
    • Creating a project
    • Generating text in a project

This plan is suitable for occasional users who have limited needs for AI assistance in their research and writing tasks.

Unlimited Plan

The Unlimited Plan is aimed at users who require more extensive use of Otio's features. It is available at two pricing options:

  • Monthly Billing: $15 per month
  • Annual Billing: $10 per month, billed annually (equivalent to receiving 4 months free)

The Unlimited Plan includes:

  • GPT-4 Access: Users can leverage the capabilities of GPT-4 for their research and writing needs.
  • Unlimited Projects: There is no limit to the number of projects a user can create.
  • Unlimited AI Generations and Q&A Chat: Users can generate unlimited text and engage in Q&A chats without any restrictions.
  • Unlimited Bookmarks and File Uploads: Users can save and upload as many bookmarks and files as they need.
  • Private Community Access: Subscribers can join a private community for additional support.
  • Dedicated Support: Users receive dedicated customer support for any issues or questions.

This plan is ideal for power users and professionals who rely heavily on AI for their work, offering a comprehensive set of features without limitations.

Teams Plan

The Teams Plan is tailored for organizations such as research labs, think tanks, consultancies, and investors. The pricing is custom and depends on the specific needs and size of the team. The Teams Plan includes everything in the Unlimited Plan, plus:

  • Live Collaboration: Team members can work together in real-time on shared projects.
  • Shared Projects and Workspaces: Teams can organize and manage their work collectively.
  • Customizable Team Access: Access levels can be customized to fit the team's hierarchy and workflow.
  • Priority Support: Teams receive priority in customer support to ensure smooth operation.

This plan is best suited for collaborative environments where multiple users need to work together efficiently and share resources.


Otio offers a range of pricing plans to accommodate the varying needs of its users, from individuals exploring the platform's capabilities to teams requiring advanced features and collaboration tools. The Basic Plan serves as a free entry point with limited credits, while the Unlimited Plan provides comprehensive access to Otio's features for a monthly or discounted annual fee. For teams and organizations, the custom-priced Teams Plan offers tailored solutions to enhance collaborative research and writing efforts. Each plan is designed to offer flexibility and support to users at different levels of engagement with the platform.

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