Opus Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

Transform written text into dynamic video content.

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Natural Language Processing for feature extraction

AI-powered text to video generation

Computational production of scenes, assets, characters, dialogue, and visual effects

Opus Pricing

Opus is an innovative text-to-video-game platform that aims to revolutionize the way users create and experience immersive gaming worlds. Powered by artificial intelligence, Opus converts human language into playable game environments, allowing users to unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to life.

Currently in its early stages, Opus is running a presale campaign to engage early supporters and provide them with exclusive access to the platform at discounted prices. This presale phase offers an opportunity for users to join the Opus community, test early iterations of the product, and contribute to its development.

Opus offers different tiers for users to choose from, each with its own set of benefits and privileges. Let's take a closer look at these tiers:

  1. Fan Tier: The Fan tier is designed for users who want to support Opus's mission and stay updated on the progress of the platform. While this tier does not provide access to the full range of features, it allows users to be part of the Opus community and receive regular updates.
  2. Player and Player Extreme Tiers: The Player and Player Extreme tiers are geared towards users who want to engage in gameplay with content created using Opus's 3DWriter tool. By subscribing to these tiers, users gain access to the Opus Galactic Library, with Player Extreme users enjoying the additional benefit of accessing the private beta version.
  3. Producer and Producer Extreme Tiers: The Producer and Producer Extreme tiers cater to users who wish to create their own content on Planet Opus using the 3DWriter tool. Subscribers to these tiers receive in-game land and common coin, enabling them to shape their own gaming experiences. The Producer tier provides access to the public beta version of the 3DWriter tool, while the Producer Extreme tier grants access to the private beta version.
  4. Terraformer Moon and Terraformer Planet Tiers: The Terraformer Moon and Terraformer Planet tiers offer users the opportunity to create on celestial bodies orbiting Planet Opus. In addition to creating their own gaming worlds, subscribers to these tiers gain seats on the Opus Governance Council for a specified duration. The Terraformer Moon tier provides access to the private beta version of the 3DWriter tool, while the Terraformer Planet tier offers the same access along with additional benefits such as hyperportals, player invites, and exclusive spectator passes.

It is important to note that Opus is still in the early beta stage, and as such, users should expect ongoing development and improvements. The presale campaign provides an opportunity for early adopters to contribute to the platform's growth and shape its future direction.

To stay connected with the Opus community and receive updates, users can join the Discord community and provide their email address to be notified when the presale goes live.

In summary, Opus is an exciting text-to-video-game platform that utilizes AI to transform human language into playable game worlds. With different tiers available, users can choose their level of involvement, whether it be supporting Opus's mission, engaging in gameplay, or creating their own gaming content. As an early beta software, Opus offers a unique opportunity for users to be part of its development journey and contribute to its evolution.

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