Neuron Make Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Neuron Make Pricing

Neuron Make is an AI-powered tool designed to assist users in generating SEO-friendly and unique content for various digital platforms, including blogs, advertisements, emails, and websites. It provides an array of templates to streamline the content creation process. Below is a detailed overview of the pricing plans offered by Neuron Make, including a free trial and paid subscription options.

Free Trial: 3 Free Days

Neuron Make offers a free trial for new users to test its features. The trial lasts for three days and includes:

  • 70 AI Document Templates: Access to a variety of templates for content creation.
  • 5,000 Words per Month: A word limit for content generation within the trial period.
  • 5 Images per Month: Users can create up to five images.
  • 3,000 Characters for Text to Speech per Month: Limit for converting text into speech.
  • 3,000 Speech to Text per Month: Limit for transcribing speech into text.
  • 3 MB Audio File Size Limit: Maximum size for audio files generated by the tool.
  • AI Chat: Availability of AI-powered chat functionalities.
  • 13 AI Chat Bots: Access to a selection of AI chat bots.
  • AI Code: Features that assist with coding tasks.
  • Hide Ads: An ad-free experience during the trial.

Basic Plan

After the free trial, users can opt for the Basic plan, which is available at different pricing tiers:

  • Monthly: 9€ per month
  • Yearly: 90€ per year (equivalent to 7.5€ per month)
  • Lifetime Access: 250€ for permanent access

The Basic plan includes:

  • 70 AI Document Templates: Same as the free trial, with a variety of templates.
  • 50,000 Words per Month: A generous increase from the trial, for more extensive content needs.
  • 150 Images per Month: A significant jump from the trial, allowing for more image creation.
  • 25,000 Characters for Text to Speech per Month: An expanded limit for text-to-speech conversions.
  • 25,000 Speech to Text per Month: More capacity for speech-to-text transcriptions.
  • 10 MB Audio File Size Limit: A larger size limit for audio files.
  • AI Chat: Continued access to AI chat features.
  • 13 AI Chat Bots: The same selection of AI chat bots as in the trial.
  • AI Code: Ongoing support for coding-related tasks.
  • Hide Ads: Users can enjoy an uninterrupted, ad-free experience.

PRO Plan

For users with more demanding content creation needs, Neuron Make offers the PRO plan, which also comes in three pricing options:

  • Monthly: 25€ per month
  • Yearly: 250€ per year (equivalent to approximately 20.83€ per month)
  • Lifetime Access: 500€ for permanent access

The PRO plan provides the most comprehensive set of features:

  • 71 AI Document Templates: One additional template compared to the Basic plan.
  • Unlimited Words per Month: Freedom to generate as much content as needed without any word count restrictions.
  • Unlimited Images per Month: The ability to create an unlimited number of images.
  • Unlimited Characters for Text to Speech per Month: No limits on text-to-speech usage.
  • Unlimited Speech to Text per Month: Unlimited transcription from speech to text.
  • 25 MB Audio File Size Limit: A further increase in the maximum size for audio files.
  • AI Chat: Full access to AI-powered chat capabilities.
  • 13 AI Chat Bots: Access to the same variety of AI chat bots.
  • AI Code: Enhanced features for coding assistance.
  • Hide Ads: An ad-free user experience.

In summary, Neuron Make provides a free trial and multiple subscription tiers to accommodate different user needs and budgets. The free trial offers a taste of the service, while the Basic and PRO plans expand on features and limits, with the PRO plan offering unlimited usage for several key features. Users can choose a payment plan that best suits their frequency of use, with monthly, yearly, and lifetime options available.

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