Moshi Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Moshi Pricing

Moshi is an AI-powered tool designed to assist users in generating blog articles by leveraging keywords, readability, and SEO considerations. It simplifies the content creation workflow, particularly for blog and e-commerce site owners. Here's a detailed look at the pricing plans offered by Moshi, including the free trial available to new users.

Free Trial

  • Offer: 3 free articles
  • Purpose: Allows new users to test the platform
  • Token System: Each article generation costs 1 token
  • Limitation: Trial includes only a limited number of articles

Basic Plan

  • Monthly Price: $29
  • Annual Price: $228 (equivalent to $19/month, billed annually)
  • Tokens: 90 tokens per month (1 token = 1 article)
  • Supported Languages: Over 30 languages available
  • Features:
    • Featured images to enhance articles
    • Integration with Wordpress for direct publishing
    • Integration with Shopify to support e-commerce content needs
    • Access to up to 2 templates for article formatting

Advanced Plan

  • Monthly Price: $59
  • Annual Price: $468 (equivalent to $39/month, billed annually)
  • Tokens: 150 tokens per month
  • Supported Languages: Over 30 languages available
  • Features:
    • All features from the Basic Plan
    • Unlimited access to templates for diverse content creation
    • Internal linking feature to improve SEO and user navigation

Both plans are designed to cater to different levels of content generation needs, from individual bloggers to larger content teams. The token system ensures that users only pay for the content they generate, while the integration features make it easy to publish directly to their platforms of choice. The Advanced Plan offers additional features for those who need more robust options, such as unlimited templates and internal linking capabilities.

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  • Free plan
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  • Free trial