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Møbel Pricing

Møbel is an AI-powered tool that offers a convenient way to generate variations of your room photos, providing inspiration for decorating your home. With its user-friendly interface and AI capabilities, Møbel aims to assist users in discovering new and exciting ideas for interior decoration. Here, we'll delve into the pricing details of Møbel and take a look at the available packages.

Pricing Packages

Møbel offers users the flexibility to choose from various pricing packages, allowing them to select the option that best suits their needs. All plans are one-time purchases, providing users with the freedom to explore the tool without any recurring charges. Let's take a closer look at the available pricing options:

  1. 10 Variations: $1.99: With this package, users can generate 10 variations of their room photos for a one-time payment of $1.99. This option is ideal for those who want to explore a limited number of design possibilities.
  2. 20 Variations: $2.99 (save 24%): For users seeking a more extensive range of design inspirations, the 20 variations package offers double the number of variations compared to the previous option. Priced at $2.99, this package provides a 24% discount compared to purchasing two separate 10 variations packages.
  3. 40 Variations: $4.99 (save 37%): With the 40 variations package, users can unlock even more design possibilities. Priced at $4.99, this package offers a 37% discount compared to purchasing four separate 10 variations packages. It is an excellent choice for those who desire a broader range of design options.
  4. 80 Variations: $8.99 (save 43%): The 80 variations package is the most comprehensive option available, catering to users who want to explore a vast array of design variations. Priced at $8.99, this package provides a significant 43% discount compared to purchasing eight separate 10 variations packages.

Referral Program

Møbel also offers a referral program, allowing registered users to benefit from sharing their unique referral link with family and friends. By sharing this link, users can earn 2 free variations for each new signup they refer to Møbel. This referral program provides an opportunity for users to expand their design possibilities without any additional cost.

The referral program is a valuable feature for users who wish to engage their social circle in the Møbel experience. By inviting others to join the platform, users can not only enhance their own design inspirations but also share the benefits of Møbel with their loved ones.

Lack of Free Trial

While Møbel offers a range of pricing packages and a referral program, it is important to note that the tool does not provide a free trial option. This means that users will need to make a one-time purchase to access the features and benefits of Møbel. While a free trial can be a useful way to explore the tool's capabilities before committing to a purchase, Møbel has opted for a straightforward pricing model without a trial period.

The absence of a free trial may be a consideration for users who prefer to test a tool's functionality and assess its suitability for their needs before making a purchase. However, Møbel's pricing packages are reasonably priced, providing users with affordable options to explore the tool's potential.


Møbel offers a range of pricing packages that cater to different user needs, allowing individuals to choose the option that aligns with their budget and design aspirations. With packages ranging from 10 to 80 variations, users can unlock a variety of design possibilities at affordable prices. Additionally, the referral program provides an opportunity for users to earn free variations by inviting others to join the platform.

While Møbel does not offer a free trial, the pricing packages are reasonably priced, making it accessible to users who are eager to explore new ideas for their home decor. By leveraging the power of AI, Møbel aims to inspire users and assist them in creating a space that reflects their unique style and preferences.

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