Lemonaide Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Lemonaide Pricing

Lemonaide is an AI-powered melodic idea generator designed to assist musicians in creating their next big hit. The tool is available in three formats: a Mac application, a Windows application, and a web application. It can be downloaded and used for free in a limited capacity.

Lemonaide offers two pricing plans: Seeds Lite and Seeds Deluxe. The Seeds Lite plan costs $4.99 per month and includes 100 monthly credits, access to the desktop and browser app, access to the Discord server, and credit rollover each month. The Seeds Deluxe plan, priced at $9.99 per month, offers all the features of the Seeds Lite plan but includes 225 monthly credits instead of 100 and also grants access to a monthly virtual call with the founders in a Town Hall format.

Both plans offer unlimited generations, meaning users can create as many new ideas as they like. The plans also include automatic updates to AI models and new features added every month. The melodies generated by the AI are 100% royalty-free, and once a melody is saved in the user's library, it remains there forever. The pricing of the plans equates to less than $0.05 per melodic idea, which is significantly cheaper than the industry average of $1+ per melody idea in a MIDI pack.

Lemonaide operates on a monthly subscription basis to ensure users only pay for what they use. The company believes in not overcharging producers for a product they may not use. The subscription can be cancelled at any time, and any unused credits roll over to the next month. The monthly subscription also supports the company's mission and research into improving their AI algorithms.

In conclusion, Lemonaide offers a flexible and cost-effective solution for musicians looking for a tool to assist in generating melodic ideas. With its AI-powered technology, it provides a unique approach to music creation that is both affordable and accessible to all.

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