Lebesgue Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Lebesgue Pricing

Lebesgue is an AI-powered tool designed to help users analyze millions of data points for smarter marketing decisions. It offers a variety of features including AI copywriting, competitor intelligence, advertising audit, market intelligence, and lifetime value analysis. The tool is available in three different pricing plans: Free, Advanced, and Ultimate, with both monthly and yearly payment options. Additionally, Lebesgue offers a 14-day free trial for users to explore its features without any financial commitment.

The Free plan, as the name suggests, costs nothing and provides users with the ability to track full order history, first vs repeat orders, COGS, and advertising costs. It also includes an automated ad account audit, data export, and email support.

The Advanced plan, priced at $59 per month or $490 per year, includes everything in the Free plan, plus additional features. These include cohort analysis, LTV with breakdowns and filters, retention, churn, predicted revenue, benchmarks, and 24/7 chat & email support.

The Ultimate plan, priced at $79 per month or $660 per year, includes everything in the Advanced plan, with the addition of tracking up to 3 competitors of your choice, AI copywriting, and CPM forecast. The competitors can be tracked across Facebook/Google Ads, social media, and brand awareness.

In conclusion, Lebesgue provides a range of pricing plans to suit different user needs and budgets. From the free plan for basic tracking and analysis to the Ultimate plan for comprehensive marketing insights, Lebesgue offers a flexible pricing structure. The 14-day free trial provides an opportunity for users to test the tool and determine which plan is most suitable for their needs.

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