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Jobscan Pricing

Jobscan is an AI-powered tool that helps users optimize their resumes for any job, ensuring that their key experience and skills are highlighted to catch the attention of recruiters. Let's dive into the pricing details of Jobscan.

Pricing Plans

Jobscan offers three pricing plans to cater to different user needs. These plans include the Free plan, the Monthly plan, and the Quarterly plan. Let's take a closer look at each plan and the features they offer.

Free Plan

The Free plan is available to users at no cost, and it provides a range of useful features to help optimize resumes. Here are the key features included in the Free plan:

  • 5 Match Rate calculations per month: Users can compare their resume against a job description to see how well they match.
  • 5 Keyword Comparisons per month: This feature allows users to compare the keywords in their resume with those in a job description.
  • Limited Scan History: Users can view their scan history, but it is limited in terms of the number of scans that can be stored.
  • Resume Manager: This feature enables users to manage and organize their resumes effectively.
  • Jobscan Learning Center: Users have access to Jobscan's Learning Center, which provides valuable resources and tips on resume optimization.

The Free plan is a great option for users who want to get started with Jobscan and experience its benefits without any financial commitment.

Monthly Plan

Jobscan's Monthly plan is priced at $49.95 per month. This plan offers unlimited access to several advanced features, in addition to the features available in the Free plan. Here are the key features included in the Monthly plan:

  • Unlimited Match Rate calculations: Users can perform unlimited comparisons between their resume and job descriptions to gauge their match rate.
  • Unlimited Keyword Comparisons: This feature allows users to compare an unlimited number of keywords in their resume with those in a job description.
  • Unlimited Scan History: Users can store and access their scan history without any limitations.
  • LinkedIn Optimization: This feature helps users optimize their LinkedIn profile to increase their visibility to recruiters.
  • Cover Letter Optimization: Users can optimize their cover letters to make them more effective in the job application process.
  • Resume Power Edit: This feature provides users with advanced editing capabilities to fine-tune their resumes.
  • Job Tracker: Users can track the progress of their job applications and manage their job search effectively.
  • Predicted Skills: Jobscan uses AI to predict the skills that recruiters are looking for, helping users tailor their resumes accordingly.
  • Resume Manager: Users can efficiently manage multiple resumes and keep them organized.
  • Jobscan Learning Center: Users have access to Jobscan's comprehensive Learning Center, which offers a wealth of resources and guidance on resume optimization.
  • Jobs Matcher: This feature suggests relevant job opportunities based on the user's resume and job preferences.
  • Premium ATS & Recruiter Findings: Users gain access to insights and findings about applicant tracking systems (ATS) and recruiters, helping them understand how to optimize their resumes for better results.
  • ATS Revealed eBook: Users receive an eBook that provides in-depth information on how ATS works and how to create ATS-friendly resumes.
  • ATS Friendly Resume Templates: Jobscan offers a collection of professionally designed resume templates that are optimized for ATS compatibility.
  • Premium Cover Letter Template: Users can access a premium cover letter template to create compelling cover letters.

The Monthly plan is suitable for users who require unlimited access to Jobscan's advanced features and are willing to invest in optimizing their job search process.

Quarterly Plan

Jobscan's Quarterly plan is priced at $29.99 per month, billed as $89.95 every 3 months. This plan offers the same features as the Monthly plan, but at a discounted rate. Additionally, the Quarterly plan includes a 2-week free trial, allowing users to experience the full range of features before committing to a subscription.

The Quarterly plan is a cost-effective option for users who are looking for a longer-term commitment and want to take advantage of the advanced features offered by Jobscan.


Jobscan offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different user needs. The Free plan provides a solid foundation for users to optimize their resumes, while the Monthly and Quarterly plans offer additional advanced features for users who require more comprehensive resume optimization tools. Whether users choose the Free plan or opt for a paid plan, Jobscan provides valuable resources and insights to help job seekers improve their chances of success in the competitive job market.

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