Inworld Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Inworld Pricing

Inworld is an AI tool designed to bring game creators' visions to life with AI NPCs. It offers a unique platform for crafting characters with distinct personalities and contextual awareness that stay in-world. The pricing structure of Inworld is designed to be flexible and accommodating to various use cases, from prototyping to production and custom use cases.

Inworld offers a free plan for prototyping, which includes 5,000 free API interactions per month. This plan is designed to support game creators during the prototyping phase of their projects. It also includes unlimited in-studio and arcade interactions. This free plan is a great way for developers to test the capabilities of Inworld without any financial commitment.

For those ready to head into production, Inworld offers a Pay-as-you-go plan. This plan also includes 5,000 free API interactions per month and unlimited in-studio and arcade interactions. However, once the free API interactions are exceeded, users are charged $0.002 per API interaction. This plan is ideal for those who have completed their prototyping phase and are ready to launch their games to production.

Inworld also caters to custom use cases with its Custom plan. This plan allows users to deploy a custom-fit solution for their projects, leveraging Inworld's decades of AI expertise. The pricing for this plan is custom and requires contacting Inworld for details. This plan unlocks no-limits development with a flat monthly rate, custom feature requests and prioritization, development support and consulting, and optional services like custom integrations, knowledge bases, voices, LLMs, and more.

In conclusion, Inworld offers a range of pricing options to suit different needs and stages of game development. From a free plan for prototyping to a Pay-as-you-go plan for production, and a Custom plan for unique project requirements, Inworld provides flexible pricing options for game creators.

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