Illustroke Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

Create vector illustrations from text prompts.

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Illustroke Pricing

Illustroke is a generative AI tool that allows users to create website illustrations, logos, and icons from text prompts. It offers a unique approach to design, where one token equates to one illustration generation request. Each request generates three variants of the same illustration, providing users with options to choose the best one.

Illustroke offers several pricing plans to cater to different user needs. The first is the Free tokens plan. Users can obtain a welcome code by following Illustroke on their social media channels and sending a message. This welcome code can be redeemed for free tokens, although the exact number of tokens provided is not specified.

Next is the Personal Bundle, priced at $6. This bundle provides users with 50 tokens, which can be used to generate illustrations for personal projects. This could be an ideal option for individual users or small-scale projects.

For larger needs, Illustroke offers the Growth Bundle at $18. This bundle provides 200 tokens, which can be used to generate illustrations aimed at business growth. This could be a suitable option for businesses or larger projects.

All illustrations generated by Illustroke are free to download and use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. No permission is needed to use the illustrations, although attribution is appreciated. Importantly, all illustrations are unique and cannot be accessed by other users, ensuring the exclusivity of the designs.

In conclusion, Illustroke offers a range of pricing plans from free tokens to larger bundles, catering to a variety of user needs. The tool provides a unique and flexible approach to generating illustrations, making it a potentially valuable resource for both individuals and businesses.

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