HairstyleAI Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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HairstyleAI Pricing

HairstyleAI is a virtual hairstyling tool that leverages generative AI to allow users to experiment with different hairstyles before committing to a physical change. This tool offers a convenient way for individuals to visualize how various haircuts would look on them, helping them make more informed decisions about their personal style.

Pricing Structure

HairstyleAI operates on a paid model, requiring a one-time payment of $9. This payment grants users access to the tool's features, enabling them to explore 30 unique hairstyles and experiment with 4 different poses or haircuts. Additionally, users can take advantage of 120 high-definition photos to further enhance their virtual hairstyling experience.

Turnaround Time

Upon payment, users can expect a swift 1-hour turnaround, allowing them to promptly begin utilizing the tool to explore different hairstyle options.

Refund Policy

HairstyleAI offers a refund option for purchases made within the first 14 days, provided that the AI has not been trained using the user's input photos. This policy allows users to explore the tool's capabilities and determine if it meets their needs without the risk of financial loss.

Data Handling and Privacy

HairstyleAI makes it clear that after training its AI model with input photos, it renders avatars and then promptly deletes both the photos and the models from its servers and GPU APIs within 7 days. Additionally, users have the option to expedite the deletion process by utilizing the "Delete" button, which ensures the instant erasure of all associated data.

Lack of Free Trial

It is important to note that HairstyleAI does not offer a free trial period. As such, users are required to make the one-time payment of $9 to access the tool's features and evaluate its suitability for their needs.

In conclusion, HairstyleAI's pricing structure offers users the opportunity to explore a wide range of hairstyles and poses for a nominal one-time fee. The tool's refund policy and commitment to data privacy further enhance the user experience, providing peace of mind and flexibility. However, the absence of a free trial may be a consideration for individuals seeking to evaluate the tool before making a financial commitment.

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